Stop Sabotaging Your Weight Loss


I think you’re limiting yourself. I think you might be sabotaging your weight loss. I think you’ve unfairly capped your potential. I've done this too and it kept me fat and unhappy for most of my life.  When we were kids, we were fortunate enough to believe we could be anything. From a princess to a doctor or an astronaut, nothing was off limits. We grow up, we get comfortable, and ...Read More

bulletproof coffee

MCT Oil: The Power of Bulletproof Coffee

Lots of talk lately about bulletproof coffee and people putting butter in their coffee, huh? Well, I'm drinking the Kool-Aid! I'm a HUGE fan of bulletproof coffee and its an absolute staple in my mornings!! People drink it for energy, fat loss, satiety and more. But it's not so much about the coffee or the butter, but rather the less talked about ingredient...MCT oil. MCT oil has some INCREDIBLE properties ...Read More

Healthy Halloween? Avoid A Candy Crush


I’m not sure how, but it’s already the end of October! It’s crazy how time flies. Halloween is only a few days away. For some people (including me, for most of my life) Halloween marks the beginning of the downward eating spiral through Christmas. There’s candy in the house for weeks and just when it’s finally cleared out its time for Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a massive day of indulgence with ...Read More

Are Beans Healthy? Its Not What You Think


Beans are a confusing subject. Lots of people assume they're a super food but its time we really ask: Are beans healthy? They’ve been touted as this nutrient-dense, protein-packed power food yet Paleo and Primal advocates say they are off limits. What’s the scoop? I can honestly say that beans and legumes are one of those foods that just won’t fit into the “sometimes” category for me. They are a ...Read More

Following A Weight Loss Plan? STOP!


I get emails and private Facebook messages every single day with people asking the same type of question: “Is fruit OK to eat for fat loss?”, “How many calories should I be eating?”, “How many times each week should I workout?”, “Can I eat peanut butter and still lose weight?” I do not have the answers to any of those questions. No one can answer those questions except YOU. There are ...Read More

Foods That Accelerate Aging


When you increase your blood sugar with a meal or snack rich in processed foods or very starchy carbohydrates, the sugar has to get out of your blood quickly. That’s insulin’s job - ushering insulin out of the blood stream and helping it find a place to go. However, as we’ve talked about before, insulin isn’t really effective at doing it’s job in many overweight people. Why? Because the chronic ...Read More

Eating Out The Fat Loss Way


Back when I routinely yo-yo dieting and followed ridiculous weight-loss plans, being “on” a diet meant the end of my social life. I’d refuse to go out with friends or out to dinner with my husband. Not only could I not handle the temptation of the mixed drinks and bread basket, but I felt like making healthy, fat-loss choices would be nearly impossible no matter where I went. Fortunately, now ...Read More

Workout Motivation: 3 Ways to Keep Going


We all need a little motivation for our workouts sometimes. Pushing through a workout isn’t always easy. I’ve had tons of days in the gym when I just haven’t felt totally connected to what I was doing. I didn’t feel like putting in my best effort, I didn’t feel strong or I didn’t feel motivated. If I gave in to those feelings every time, I’d rarely get in a good ...Read More

Its Too Hard? I Promise, Its Not


Have you ever considered doing what it takes to lose weight and get healthy and then thought “it’s too hard”? Have you ever looked at yourself and acknowledged that you aren’t happy with your body but thought “I can’t do what it takes to change”? I hear those comments all the time. People will tell me how impressed they are by my weight loss and share that they wish they ...Read More

How Paying Off $130K Helped Me Lose 130 Pounds


I tried to lose weight for over 20 years. Sometimes I was able to but I inevitably piled the weight back on – always more quickly than I had lost it.  I doubted my ability to ever permanently lose the weight and truly be healthy. I thought I’d always have to rely on gimmicks, tricks, crazy ridiculous diets or diet pills if I EVER wanted to get to a “healthy” ...Read More

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