Ep 020: Efficient Exercise for Weight Loss with Shawn Stevenson


Are you ready for this? We are tackling the major myths about exercise for weight loss and establishing the most effective workout strategies for lasting fat loss and optimal hormone balance. We'll be talking about what works, what doesn't and what is a total waste of your time (and might be holding you back). Listen Now!! Download Episode Who is Shawn Stevenson? Sure, Shawn is a best-selling author, incredibly popular podcast host ...Read More

Episode 019: What Paying Off Debt Taught Me About Weight Loss


I tried to lose weight for over 20 years. Sometimes I was able to but I inevitably piled the weight back on – always more quickly than I had lost it.  I doubted my ability to ever permanently lose the weight and truly be healthy. I thought I’d always have to rely on gimmicks, tricks, crazy ridiculous diets or diet pills if I EVER wanted to get to a “healthy” ...Read More

Episode 018: The Key to Permanent Weight Loss – A How-To Guide


Ready for permanent weight loss? Have you tried a million times but never succeeded? In this episode we talk about how most of us go about behavior change in the wrong way and why it leads to failure. Then we dive into a step by step process for how you can changes that will lead to effective fat loss but will also be EASY to maintain for the rest of your ...Read More

Healthy Eating On ‘Vacation’

Ok guys - time to stop stressing about finding fat loss friendly options when you're traveling. Sure, its not quite as easy as it when you're home with your own fridge, but it's not as hard as we act like it is. (Maybe some of us tell ourselves it is hard as a way of creating an excuse to make poor choices.....maybe?) This is going to be a random post ...Read More

Episode 017: Alcohol & Fat Loss – Can You Have Both?


In this episode we're talking about alcohol and fat loss & if you can have both! We talk about how alcohol impacts metabolism, how it can increase your likelihood of being in fat-storage mode but we also talk about becoming aware of how alcohol impacts YOU in a unique way. Does alcohol increase your cravings? Does it make you bloated? Finally, we go into practical implementation strategies for how to ...Read More

Q&A 8: Overcoming Self Limiting Behaviors – What To Do When Your Mind Controls Your Mouth


In this episode we are talking about the thing that derails our progress: our old, negative thought patterns. Yup, most of us are passive victims of our thoughts about our lack of willpower, our cravings and our bad habits. But we have the CHOICE to change those thought patterns and embrace new, productive, helpful thoughts that will propel us towards our goals and this episode tells you how. Listen now!! ...Read More

Episode 016: Hack Your Sleep for Health & Fat Loss


It is not just about the QUANTITY of your sleep. The QUALITY of your sleep might be preventing your weight loss. That's right; when we don't get into those deepest stages of sleep we are making weight loss an uphill battle. We talk about how sleep deprivation leads to insulin resistance and how stress, light exposure, food & exercise can impair our ability to get good, quality sleep. We also ...Read More

When It Clicks: This Is What It Looks Like


I don't do many guest posts here in this space. I'm uber protective of you guys - my readers, my friends - and I don't like the idea of letting other people push their agenda over here. Go do that someplace else. No time for it. I'm trying to help people change their lives, find a healthier relationship with food and burn fat without losing their minds. And then I read ...Read More

Q&A 7: Cholesterol Is Not the Culprit – What is Really to Blame for Vascular Disease?


Today we're answering a question from a listener concerned that eating more fat will raise her cholesterol levels. We talk about the MAJOR myths about cholesterol including how cholesterol is actually a healing substance and the fact that high cholesterol is a sign of chronic damage in the body. We talk about how to identify the REAL source of the problem to avoid what doctors measure as "high cholesterol". We ...Read More

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