Q&A 22: Influencing Family and Friends


In today's episode we're talking about influencing family and friends when you're trying to adopt healthier habits. We answer listener questions about how to motivate and encourage people we love to make healthier choices and how to handle family and friends who don't support our choices and goals. For more information on motivation, fat loss nutrition strategies, workouts and recipes, make sure to get yourself on the free VIP e-newsletter list!  ...Read More

Episode 070: Stress Management for Weight Loss


I'm sure you realize that your stress levels might be contributing to your trouble losing weight. But I'm not sure you realize what is contributing to your stress levels. Sure, emotional stress is a big problem. But what about physical stress? Processed foods, sugars and toxins create a stress response in your body whether you feel it or not. They cause damage at the cellular and vascular level that you ...Read More

stress and weight loss

Stress and Weight Loss: 7 Things You Need to Know


It seems like in almost every podcast episode, blog post and email I'm repeating the absolutely essential fat loss fact: fat loss is about hormones. Your hormones allow or disallow fat burning. Unfortunately, we are fantastic at screwing up our hormonal balance in two primary ways: Poor food choices Chronic stress As Dr. Sara Gottfried says in her book The Hormone Cure, treat stress management as a matter of life ...Read More

Episode 069: Power Thinking vs Positive Thinking for Fat Loss


Fat loss is 90% what you eat. What you eat is 90% mental. If you don't control your thoughts, they will control you. This is very clear when we consider all the times we've really wanted to make good food choices but cave to temptation in the moment. Controlling your thoughts isn't just about positive thinking - in fact, positive thinking often falls far short. This is where power thinking ...Read More

Episode 068: How To Lose Weight After Menopause


One of the most common questions I get is, "How can I lose weight after menopause?". So many women feel like their bodies have changed and no longer response to the weight loss strategies that always worked in the past. There's no question that weight loss and weight maintenance are more difficult after menopause, but it is still 100% possible. In this episode we talk about the most important and ...Read More

100 fat loss meal ideas

Top Fat Loss Foods


I have absolutely no doubt that you have good intentions when it comes to food and fat loss. You want to eat the right things, you want to make good choices and you absolutely want to reach your goals (and not be obsessed with food all the freakin' time!) I hear you. Unfortunately, sometimes our best intentions aren't enough. We have good intentions but awful strategies. We aren't implementing the ...Read More

Episode 067: Mary The Paleo Chef


In today's episode we're talking with Mary The Paleo Chef! Mary Shenouda is one of my personal coaches and friends. We talk about phat fudge, the benefits of starting your day off with healthy fats, why calorie counting doesn't work, if food intolerances are actually a good thing and her personal approach to health and healthy food. Want more from Primal Potential or have questions for Elizabeth? Want meal ideas, ...Read More

7 Best Exercises for Fat Loss


I don't know about you, but if I'm gonna spend any amount of time working out, I want to make sure that my workout gets me the results I'm after. Specifically - I don't want to screw around with workouts that aren't the best for fat loss. If you're anything like me, you want efficiency. You want to know what you can do with limited time to get maximal results. ...Read More

Q&A 21: Random Show – Hot Flashes, Fear of Failure, Snacking & Sleep


Today we're tackling another episode of the Random Show - answering a variety of listener questions on a random assortment of topics including overcoming your fear of failure, hot flashes, snacking, trouble sleeping and the best way to track your food and hormonal biofeedback. Do you have questions you'd like to have answered on the show? Or maybe topics you'd like me to cover? Get yourself on the VIP e-newsletter list ...Read More

Q&A 20: Primal Vegetarian?


In today's episode we're answering listener questions about whether or not it is possible to follow a primal lifestyle as a vegetarian. Can you be a primal vegetarian? What does that look like? What should eat? What are the risks? We talk about major misconceptions about animal protein and the role of protein in a primal diet as well as nutrient deficiency risks of vegetarian diets. Want more info from ...Read More

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