Q&A 25: Finding Your Big Rocks, Post-Workout Nutrition and More!


Another episode answering listener questions including: How to go about finding your big rocks Are carbs OK post workout Does all fat burning happen in a state of ketosis If veggies are carbs, how do they fit in the Golden Rules of carbs & fat loss? Are you eating enough Being stuck in a detrimental cycle Listen Now! Download Episode Resources Paleo Snack Ideas What is Ketosis & Is It ...Read More

Episode 079: 10 Habits of High Achievers


There are some very common traits shared among high achievers. In today's episode, we're going to talk about this 10 habits of high achievers so you can identify your own gaps between where you are and where you want to be and begin to move more quickly towards your goals! Listen Now! Download Episode 10 Habits of High Achievers Continuous learning Seek solutions not excuses Mindfulness Action Avoiding comparison Setting ...Read More

Episode 078: Paleo Snack Ideas


In today's episode we're going through tons of paleo snack ideas! Snacking can be a tough thing for a lot of people and making healthy choices for snacks can be tricky. In today's episode we talk about snacking in general, whether or not it is best to eat every few hours and then provide a wide variety of paleo snack ideas and options! For more tips, recipes and workout ideas, ...Read More

Best Books for Self-improvement + Reader Recommendations!


A couple weeks ago I sent an email to my free VIP email list and shared with them a list of the books that have most influenced my life in a positive way. These are what I consider, for me, the best books for self-improvement. I asked everyone to reply with books that have had the greatest impact on their lives so I thought I'd share my own list with all ...Read More

Episode 077: How To Stop Self Sabotage


For most of us, certainly for me, the key to achieving and maintaining your weight loss goals is in understanding how to stop self sabotage. It's in your ability to understand how you get in your own way, how you routinely sabotage your efforts (consciously or unconsciously) and then changing your behavior accordingly. This is far easier said than done but it is 100% possible if you're willing to pay ...Read More

Episode 076: How to Increase Energy


In today's episode we're talking how to increase energy with specific food choices. There are specific strategies (beyond caffeine and sleep) that will make a significant difference in your energy levels, focus and performance. We'll talk about the dos and don'ts of increasing your energy and talk about food choices that can help boost your energy. Listen Now! Download Episode Food is the raw material your body uses for every ...Read More

Q&A 24: The Gap Between Planning and Doing


In today's episode we're addressing a listener challenge that, to me, points to the gap between planning and doing. Maybe you recognize this pattern: you establish a plan. You set goals. You draft a menu for the week. You pre-determine how many workouts you'll get in. You stock up on healthy groceries. You don't execute. The groceries go to waste. You don't make it to the gym. You bring home ...Read More

how to track

How to Track (without monitoring calories)


I lost 140 lbs without counting calories or carbs. Honestly, I found that exhausting. I also found it exhausting to use apps where I had to search a database for a food and wonder if it was "close enough" to what I was actually eating. I had done the calorie counting thing before. Sure, I had lost weight but never kept it off. Thank God I finally realized (and understood) ...Read More

The 100th Episode – The Factors of Failure and the Strategies for Success


This is the 100th episode of the Primal Potential podcast! In this episode, I'm sharing some specifics about the factors that led to my emotional eating, weight gain and unhealthy relationship with food as well as the strategies I used to permanently overcome the factors that held me back for most of my life. To help celebrate the 100th episode I've made available 100 coupons each for 2 of my ...Read More

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