Episode 087: How To Look Toned & What That Even Means


I've been hearing a lot of things like: “Oh, I don’t want to lose any weight, I just want to tone my muscles” or “I want to lose some weight and get toned” What does that mean? What does it not mean? Let's talk about how to look toned. The reality is this: there's no such thing as "toning your muscles". That doesn't exist. It's crap. Now, I know what ...Read More

How To Become A Warrior & Love Your Journey


I'm sitting at Starbucks drinking coffee and had planned to work on my next course on naturally overcoming polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) but I've decided to pause for a few and write this blog.  This Instagram post triggered something in me. Or, maybe it's the fact that I'm jamming out to "Cobrastyle"....either way! (Random thought: I should totally make a Primal Potential playlist on Spotify.....) I posted this pic on ...Read More

Q&A 30: 3 Questions to Find What Works for YOU


I want to help you find what works for you. I get so irritated when people act like there are black and white answers for fat loss, fitness, etc. There aren't! It's actually easier than that! Your body has all the answers you just have to know how to find them. How to pay attention when your body is SHOWING you what works for you and what doesn't. Listen Now ...Read More

Q&A 29: Food & Pain – Arthritis and Nightshades, Tummy Troubles and FODMAPs


Should you avoid nightshades and FODMAPs? You probably want to know what they are first, right? I've been getting lots of questions about what they are, how they impact health and if they should be avoided. In today's Q&A episode we're defining them, explaing how they act in the body, establishing who should take caution and how everyone can reduce any potential negative impact of nightshades and FODMAPs. Listen Now! ...Read More

Episode 086: Eat Foods You Love & Have A Bangin’ Body with Allison Hagendorf


This girl. Guys. Seriously. Allison Hagendorf is an absolutely incredible example of loving food, enjoying food and having a great body at the same time. In today's episode we get super practical (and pretty funny) about HOW to move away from the all-or-nothing approach and how to learn to enjoy your favorite things while losing fat and getting a body you absolutely love. We talk about food obsession, navigating social ...Read More

FODMAPs and nightshades

What You Need to Know About FODMAPs and Nightshades


Lots of questions lately about FODMAPs and nightshades, what they are and if they should be avoided. I'm absolutely going to go into what they actually are, why some people should avoid them, who probably doesn't need to worry and how you can reduce any potential negative impact of fodmaps and nightshades. Can we just agree that "FODMAPs" and "nightshades" are really freakin' weird names? They don't even sound like ...Read More

Q&A 28: Not Enough Carbs, Getting Enough Nutrients, Kombucha…


Another fun, short episode answering listener questions! We're taking a short look at 4-5 questions focusing on what's "not enough carbs", getting adequate nutrients from food, kombucha for breakfast, bulletproof coffee & my own personal workout plan. If YOU have a question you'd like me to tackle, make sure you get on the free VIP email list so you can tell me what you want or need!!!  Listen Now! Download Episode ...Read More

Episode 085: How To Stop Making Excuses


It used to be so easy for me to say to myself, "Alright! I'm really doing it this time! No more excuses! This is it for real! I'm ready!!" But it never happened like that. It just didn't. I became a master of talking myself into whatever choice felt good at the time. I'd say, "It's just this one thing, it can't possibly hurt" or, "I'll be extra strict tomorrow" ...Read More

Episode 084: 8 Powerful Benefits of Coconut Oil


I've talked about coconut oil and medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) in a handful of episodes today but I wanted to take a broader look at the very diverse and powerful benefits of coconut oil. I've previously focused on the benefits of coconut oil as it relates to energy and weight loss but it's so much more than that! Today we're diving into cholesterol, antibacterial properties, hormones and more! Listen Now! Download ...Read More


You’re A Liar


Does that sting a little? I hear ya. It stings for me as I write it. Let's go ahead and get the tough stuff out of the way: If say you'll do something and you don't do it, you are a liar. Hold off on the urge to talk about your intentions, your extenuating circumstances, etc. I know, I know. You're busy. You're stressed. You're tired. You're tried. You really ...Read More

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