Episode 102: Alkaline Diets – Does pH Matter?


Today we're going to look at alkaline diets and the theories behind them. We'll establish what is true, what is not true and how these concepts should influence the choices you make. We'll take a closer look at what foods leave behind acidic biproducts and those that do not. Should you emphasize more alkaline foods? Should you avoid acidic foods? We'll cover it all. Listen Now Download Podcast Alkaline Diets What ...Read More

Episode 101: 6 Holiday Success Strategies & Recipes


Did you know that more than half of annual weight gain is put on during the holiday season? And most individuals don't take it off after the holidays are over? This makes holiday success strategies absolutely critical! Do not have this holiday season be like all the ones past! There's a better approach! Many people write off the entire holiday season and feel like progress isn't possible with the frequency ...Read More

morning routine

5 Steps to a Morning Routine for Fat Loss & Focus


The other day I did a detailed podcast on the power of creating a morning routine and shared parts of my own. I also shared the morning routines of several high achievers. It was a super popular episode and today I wanted to help you put that into action. If you want to see my personal morning routine & the affirmations I say to myself multiple times each day, text ...Read More

Minisode – Stand Up and Fight


Woah! I am FIRED UP in this episode!!!!! I want to pop in for a very short episode that I hope you will find highly motivational. Maybe this is one you save and listen to each day to help you re-focus and stay true to your goals. STAND UP AND FIGHT! Listen Now Download Podcast The Motivation Manifesto by Brendon Burchard Support the Show Subscribe in iTunes Subscribe in Stitcher

Episode 100: 3 Things That Stop Weight Loss (even when you think you’re doing everything right)


We all understand that stress can work against us. We know that making good food choices can be harder when we're under stress. But we might not think about these 3 things that stop weight loss and are lesser-talked about causes of stress. See, we think of stress as mental and emotional. But there are 3 very specific things that might be stopping your weight loss by causing stress you ...Read More

Q&A 34: How to Manage Hunger and Cravings, Getting Back on Track


I love answering your questions! Today we're tackling a bunch of them including my thoughts on how to manage hunger and cravings, how to get back on track after a binge, hormone free yogurt and other dairy products, whether or not breakfast is important for fat loss and more! If you have questions, please send them to me! I will answering you publicly or privately! Seriously. There is no need ...Read More

Episode 099: The Power of Creating a Morning Routine


If you are thinking, "I don't have time for a morning routine" then you are precisely the person who needs to listen to this episode on creating a morning routine. Before you poo-poo the idea, ask yourself this: "Who am I to suggest they aren't valuable when pretty much all of the most successful people in the world have deliberate morning routines? Might I have something to gain from being ...Read More

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