Ep 120: The Biggest Barriers To Weight Loss


I decided to take a fun, new approach to an upcoming webinar to ensure that I could give you guys EXACTLY what you need, not just what I think you might need. Everyone who registered for the webinar was given a survey to establish what they feel are their biggest barriers to weight loss. In today's episode I share the most common answers I've received and weigh in on these challenges. I will ...Read More

Ep 119: Goal Setting Workshop – Create & Crush Your 2016 Goals


'Tis the season for setting goals, right? Unfortunately, most people will go about their New Year goals the same way they always have. Chances are, they'll get the same results. They'll capitalize on the motivation that comes with the fresh start of a new year but that motivation will wane, they will get distracted and they'll give in to temptation and opportunity. I don't want that for you. I think ...Read More

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