Why Do I Keep Screwing Up? What is Wrong With Me?

One of the things I hear most often from listeners & clients is something along the lines of "What is wrong with me? Why do I keep doing this to myself??" It's inevitable. You want to change. You commit to change. You psych yourself up. You're doing it. Until you don't. You want to eat well, but you don't. You want to workout more, but you don't. You're frustrated and ...Read More

211: Thin People & Food Issues (My Sister Is On The Show)


Food issues, guilt, emotional eating and food obsession are not exclusive to overweight and obese individuals. Not even a little bit. Today, we're talking about thin people & food issues. Except, it's more than that. We're talking to my sister. A couple weeks ago, I had my mom on the show. It was a tough episode but we talked about how, as a thin mother, she really struggled with having ...Read More

210: When You Are Your Own Worst Enemy


I used to be my own worst enemy. There was a huge gap between what I wanted and what I did. There wasn't anyone keeping me from achieving my goals...except for me. Because of that, one of my affirmations is now "I am militantly on my own side". I am on my team. I will not sabotage myself. I don't need all the answers but I will not stop seeking, ...Read More

209: How To Stop Overeating


If we could master how to stop overeating, we'd be pretty much all set, right? In fact, I'd be a bazillionaire if I could give you just a couple words to help you stop overeating forever. Easier said than done, for sure! But today we are moving in that direction. I want to help you understand why we overeat and what we can do about it, beginning today. If you listen ...Read More

Free Motivational Phone Backgrounds & Wallpaper


I gotta say, my Fat Loss Fast Track Veterans made me feel pretty special for my birthday last week! Every day, the gave me gifts and shared how Primal Potential has made their lives better and helped them move towards their goals. They also shared their favorite "EBisms" - motivational mantras I've shared that motivate & encourage them. Today, I thought it would be fun to share them with you ...Read More

208: The Truth About Food Guilt


What is food guilt? We've all done it to ourselves, one bad food choice leads to throwing in the towel on the entire day. That gross feeling and disappointment with ourselves, that is food guilt. Beating yourself up and assigning emotion to your food choices is the essence of food guilt. Looking at yourself as good or bad based on your food choices - that is food guilt. Here's what I want ...Read More

207: Lessons To My Future Self


Everyone knows that hindsight is 20/20. We all wish we could go back and give our younger self's advice. Today's podcast focuses on the exact opposite idea. The past is in the past, we've learned lessons the hard way, and it is time to move on and look forward. In today's podcast (one of my favorites!), I'm talking about lessons to my future self. All of this introspection was inspired by ...Read More

206: My #1 Fat Loss Recommendation


OK, you’ve decided to make a change, but you have no idea where to start (or restart). Today’s podcast will dive into my #1 fat loss recommendation: tracking. We aren’t talking about calorie counting, carb or macro counting, just some down and dirty quick journaling. In less time than it takes to obsessively count your item of choice (and with far less frustration), you can learn more about what is ...Read More

Why You Should NOT Go To ASCEND


On July 12th, Primal Potential's 2nd anniversary, I announced ASCEND, the first ever women's transformation weekend. If you didn't hear the details, you need to listen to this episode. I will be spending a weekend, November 3-5th in downtown Nashville TN helping 50 women transform their lives in the best ways imaginable. I thought I'd take a minute today to tell you why you should NOT go. Trust me, I ...Read More

205: Use Your Mind To Transform Your Body


We are continuing our celebration of Primal Potential's 2nd anniversary with a super special guest! My friend and former Fat Loss Fast Tracker, Maggie! I want you to hear directly from someone who has transformed, inside and out, over the last 14 or so months. She has lost 50 lbs, more than 13 inches from her waist and she feels that the biggest changes she made were to the way she ...Read More

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