256: Anti-Perfection & Why There Is No “Wagon”


A couple months ago I shared with you guys that I was taking on a scary-for-me challenge: hot yoga. Specifically, 45 90-minute hot yoga classes in 45 days. The 45 days have now gone by (dang, time flies) and I'm sharing with you my final thoughts. Specifically, I'm sharing what this challenge taught me about all-or-nothing thinking and why there is no "wagon". Yeah, that notion of being on or ...Read More

255: Dealing with Self-Doubt, Disbelief & Negativity


For most of my life, I desperately wanted to change but didn't believe I could. I doubted myself and my ability to change. I was completely overcome by paralyzing self-doubt & negativity. It was toxic. In today's episode I want to talk about these things and share my thoughts about how we can overcome self-doubt, disbelief and negativity to take action and improve our lives. No more waiting. Now's the ...Read More

How To Do Hard Things (How A Client Made Me Cry)

Last weekend was ASCEND, my first ever Primal Potential transformation weekend. It was amazing. I wanted to share with you one of most powerful moments of the weekend (for me). On Saturday, I was heading back into the meeting room after a lunch break. I walked through the hotel foyer and noticed one of my clients/attendees/friends sitting alone outside the room. She waved me over. This amazing woman, we'll call ...Read More

254: How To Overcome Fear – Turning “What If?” Into “What Now?”


Fear will hold you back. I get emails every single day from listeners looking for how to overcome fear. The fears are different, but the problem is the same. I'm afraid I don't have what it takes I'm afraid that even if I'll lose the weight I'll put it back on Fear of missing out gets me every time What if I have loose skin when I lose the weight? ...Read More

The Most Powerful Words Ever


Hello my sweet friend! I've got something important to chat with you about today... If you'd rather listen to this post than read it, click here. The most powerful words you can ever think or say are those which follow, "I am..." All too often, we define ourselves not by who we actually are but by what we've done or our past pattern of behavior. "I am an emotional eater" ...Read More

253: How To Build More Self-Control – A Willpower Challenge


I don't think any of us would argue that having more self control would be a positive change in our lives. But, easier said than done, right? In today's podcast I'm helping you understand effective and ineffective ways to build more self control and I'm also sharing a willpower challenge that will help you make this a more concrete, tangible objective. Listen Now Download Episode How To Build More Self-Control "If ...Read More

252: Values & Principles – What Do You Want & How Do You Get It


Do you know what you really want? I used to be incredibly frustrated with myself & confused: I desperately wanted to lose weight but I wasn't doing the work. How could I want something so bad yet continuously make choices which sabotaged that desire? I figured it out: I didn't really understand what I wanted & why. Today we're talking about values and principles because I strongly believe this is ...Read More

251: Justifying Indulgences (Talking Yourself Into Treats)


Let's stop justifying indulgences. Let's stop talking ourselves into treats when we want our goals more. Today, I'll tell you how! You don't have to justify brussels sprouts or chicken, so why do you feel like you need to justify treats? Beyond that, is the way you're justifying them even true? Are you being honest with yourself with your justifications? In today's episode I'm talking about HOW you can stop ...Read More

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