Primal Potential Mugs Now Available!

Are you ready for this!? Primal Potential mugs are now available! Just in time for the holidays! Or every day! More coffee!! More motivation! Okay, I'm a little bit excited. Or a lot. But mugs! Coffee! Motivation! If you're looking for holiday gifts under the $20 mark, this is a great option! Here's the scoop: They are dishwasher & microwave safe Each mug is 15 oz (anything smaller just doesn't ...Read More

There’s No Reason For You To Be In This Hell


You imprison yourself. There's no reason for you to continue to be unhappy. You are making the choices. You are thinking the thoughts. Look, this doesn't mean you have to solve all your problems today. It doesn't mean you have to transform. You don't. But today, you can take one small step towards what you want. Today, you can choose to see what is right instead of what is wrong. ...Read More

265: 29 Tips From Successful People


The other day I was reading an article from an author I love, Ryan Holiday. He shared a powerful collection of 29 tips from successful people. He curated the thoughts & wisdom from a couple dozen individuals with what he calls "strategic minds". As I read it I found myself thinking about how these 29 tips & lessons apply to improving our health, attitude, consistency & motivation. I began to write ...Read More

264: EB’s Top 4 Personal Success Strategies


Today I'm going to share my own personal success strategies. These are the specific strategies that brought me out of a really dark place. I weighed over 350 lbs, I was completely miserable and felt like food had WAY more control over my life than I did. Interestingly, these strategies have nothing to do with food. I'm not talking about strategies like a fat loss breakfast or having my carbs ...Read More

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