283: The Foundation of Fat Loss (Non-Negotiable Requirement)


I talk a lot about nutrition, hormones & mindset and their role in fat loss. However, today I'm talking about the precursor to all of those things. Today I'm talking about the foundation of fat loss that is most often overlooked: self-respect. Self-care. Even, shudder to think, self-love. Our obsession with diets, detoxes, fasts, cleanses and everything in between has taught us to fight against our bodies instead of being ...Read More

282: Always Be A Beginner


The book Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind begins with a powerful observation: "In the beginner's mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert's there are few". Undoubtedly, one of the ways we keep ourselves from making progress and getting what we want is closing ourselves off to possibilities that could be the very path to progress. One of my primary objectives within the Fat Loss Fast Track is to encourage ...Read More

281: Is It Self-Sabotage & What’s The Fix?


I ask every one of my Primal Potential e-mail readers: how can I help? What do you need from me? Recently, I've seen a number of responses talking about self-sabotage. I can't say I'm surprised by the number of people who feel like they self-sabotage - like they are intentionally setting themselves up for failure. Here's the thing though: I don't think it's self sabotage, at all. I think it's ...Read More

daily motivations podcast

All New!! Daily Motivations Podcast

I'm pretty excited to share a special announcement with you guys! I launched a new podcast called the Daily Motivations Podcast.   This daily podcast will help you re-focus and ignite your potential with powerful messages all less than 5 minutes long! It's currently live on both iTunes & Stitcher and is pending approval on Spotify. You guys can actually help me out: the success & growth of a new podcast ...Read More

280: Can’t Stop Eating? Tips To Take Control Of Hunger


Hunger is a spectrum and we all experience it differently. Maybe you feel like you can't stop eating - even if you eat to the point of feeling full, your hunger returns after just 30-60 minutes. Maybe you feel like you are only in control of your hunger when you aren't eating, but as soon as you start, your hunger takes off. Maybe you feel like you're always hungry and ...Read More

279: How To Avoid Weight Regain


One of my clients, Chris, joined the Fat Loss Fast Track because though she had already lost a lot of weight, she was beginning to put it back on. This wasn't a new cycle but it was one she didn't want to continue. She didn't want to keep doing what she'd always done - losing weight, gaining it back, working hard to lose it again. Today we're having a candid ...Read More

278: 2017 Blueprint For Achievement


I used to set a lot of goals. I didn't achieve most of them. I thought about them a lot & wanted them badly - I even had a plan for achieving them. But routinely, I failed to do the work and, year after year, I had less confidence in my ability to achieve. Fortunately, things have changed. I have changed. And in today's episode I want to share with ...Read More

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