293: How To Stop Drifting From Your Goals & Focus


I think we can all relate to periods of focus & determination as well as periods of avoidance and not doing the work. The transition between those two periods begins with drifting. It might start as a slow drift but we gradually turn our attention away from our focus & our goals. So how do you stop drifting? Even when you aren't enthusiastically doing the work, how can you avoid ...Read More

you define the moment

You Define The Moment


Last night was Super Bowl 51. I am still recovering. Game of a LIFETIME. While I sip coffee in a quiet room and Google the highlights to make sure the whole experience wasn't a dream, I thought I'd share my hazy thoughts. In one of the pre-game interviews earlier in the week, I heard an exchange that stuck with me. A reporter asked a player how he planned to keep his ...Read More

Perspective: Becoming Warren Buffett


The other day I watched the new HBO documentary Becoming Warren Buffett. If you aren’t familiar with Warren Buffet, he is a self-made billionaire investor and I think he’s pretty brilliant. I’ve been fascinated with his life for years. In the documentary, he sits down with a group of students and poses the following hypothetical scenario: He said: imagine I’m going to buy each one of you a car. Any ...Read More

292: How Are You Complicit In Your Problem?


In today's podcast I pose a question for you to consider: how are you complicit in your problem? How are you complicit in creating the conditions of your life that you say you don't want? We're so quick to point to the things we're doing to make positive changes and we're even quicker to identify how external circumstances hold us back. But what's your part? Today I'll be diving into ...Read More

291: When Family & Friends Don’t Support Your Goals


I know that many of you don't have the support of your family & friends as it relates to your health or weight loss goals. I've been getting an increasing number of emails from folks looking for ways to address family & friends who don't support their goals. Recently in one of my Fat Loss Fast Track groups there was a conversation about spouses who bring home tempting foods on ...Read More

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