328: Vacations & Your Goals


When you're trying to eat healthier, lose weight or get fit, vacation can be a stressful thing. Lots of my clients struggle to balance vacation & their goals. You want to enjoy vacation and you don't want to feel like you're missing out, but you also don't want to throw caution to the wind and go overboard. Where's the middle? We're gonna find it in today's episode! It's not about ...Read More

Year of Push 2.20 Asking For Help


Today is a good day, by choice. I finally got my car registered (you wouldn't believe me if I told you what has happened in this pursuit, which has taken 6+ weeks). I had a great workout despite lots of running (running isn't my strength). I went shopping and picked up some cute shoes. I had a fantastic call with one of my very favorite friends who happens to be ...Read More

Year of Push 2.19 Handling Hunger & PMS


I am hungry today. I am eating more today. Beautifully simple, eh? I know, I know - it's not always that simple. Managing hunger can be a tricky thing. Managing hunger and PMS can be even trickier. Sometimes our hunger makes sense - there's a legit reason for it. Other times, it seems random & untrustworthy. Maybe we're really just bored, tired, thirsty or thinking about food. Maybe we can't ...Read More

327: Vitamins, Supplements & Shakes


Are vitamins and supplements worth it? Are they important? Do they make a difference? And how do you know which ones are good and which ones aren't? Rarely does a day go by when I don't get some variation of these questions. I've been on both sides of this conversation. Prior to starting Primal Potential I worked for a dietary supplement company and worked to both formulate & market protein ...Read More

Year of Push 2.18 I’m Not Competing


Yay for lessons! Today brought a great one. Sure, it's one I already knew & one I teach my FLFT clients all the time, but as with all lessons, we have to learn them over and over. Today, I re-learned. I'm so grateful for a good friend giving me a powerful truth. My workout was brutal today. It was a combination of being a little sore & tired from yesterday ...Read More

Year of Push 2.17 Mind Wandering


Happy Tuesday, friends! I was in bed at 9p last night and happily bounced out of bed at 5am today. I got in a couple hours of work before heading to the gym early. I planned some time to work one-on-one with a coach on improving my toes-to-bar form. It's not something I've worked on much and I know I'll improve more quickly with focused coaching than by practicing on ...Read More

326: Let Me Blow Your Mind


Tough love alert! The #1 most valuable, high impact thing you can do to improve your body & your health is improve your mindset. I can't tell you how much people dismiss this truth and instead only want to focus on diet & exercise strategy. Guys, our minds create our lives. Our thoughts drive our decisions. When you improve your mind, you make every other change in life exponentially easier. ...Read More

Year of Push 2.16 No Regrets


What a world of good a weekend away on the water does! I feel like my normal self again! Hurray! The weather was amazing this weekend and I got to lay on the beach & work - it's hard to beat that! Plus, I got in great workouts each day which made me proud. If you're traveling or you don't belong to a gym, here's a doozy I did in the ...Read More

325: Dietary Fats To Avoid & Why


Dietary fat can be your best friend in health & fat loss or your worst enemy. Today's we're exploring which fats to avoid & why. I certainly had a ton of misconceptions about healthy & unhealthy fats for a long time. I thought that unsaturated fats were ideal and vegetable oils were perfectly healthy. I thought that butter & saturated fats were best avoided. I've done a ton of episodes ...Read More

Year of Push 2.15 I Believe I Can Fly (Literally)

Oh boy. I feel (almost) like a new woman today! I shared yesterday that while under the weather, I went two full days without drinking ANY coffee. That has NEVER happened since I started drinking coffee 10+ years ago. Never. Ever. Today I woke up feeling better (despite not sleeping well last night) and went to Starbucks. I bought two venti Americanos and drove home to drink them while I ...Read More

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