Year of Push 3.12 Insults & Observations


After my workout this morning, I was cooling down on a bike. An older woman came up to me and said, "Great job on that run!" "Thanks. Running isn't yet a strength but I'm working on it." We chatted a little about how she doesn't run due to her bad knees and at some point she said, referring to the running portion of the workout I had just finished, "I ...Read More

Year of Push 3.11 It’s Not Optional


Certain things in my life aren't optional. The list isn't long, but it absolutely exists. Some of them are silly, but I think it's important to know what isn't optional and why it is that it's not optional for you. For example, here are a few things that aren't optional for me: Working out Monday-Friday (Saturdays & Sundays are optional. I usually do workout those days, but it's an option) ...Read More

341: Motivational Minisode


I had a particularly motivating morning the other day. However, it didn't start out that way. It started out with an onslaught of self-doubt, excuses and self-imposed limitations. I am not immune to negativity & excuses. I have just as many doubts & excuses as the next person. Sometimes they win. Often, they don't. In today's motivational minisode I'm sharing my motivational morning and how I work through real limitations ...Read More

Year of Push 3.10 Toughen Up

Here in the United States, it is Memorial Day. To all those who have served: thank you. To the families of those who sacrificed their lives for their fellow soldiers and for our country: I will continue to look for ways to serve & be brave in honor of your loved ones. CrossFit boxes around the country do a workout called "Murph" on Memorial Day. It's named in honor of ...Read More

340: Body Image & The Mental Game


I am so pumped to share a powerful conversation I had with one of my Fat Loss Fast Track clients about body image and the real reasons we want to change our bodies, lives & relationship with food. On today's episode, Kristi and I talk about how the mental game of nutrition and weight loss has not only changed her body but also her life. She's brave enough to talk about ...Read More

Year of Push 3.9 So What? Now What?


I believe that the quality of our lives is directly related to the quality of the questions we ask ourselves and the honesty with which we answer. If we go through life unconsciously, not asking questions and not paying attention to the motives driving our actions, we won't reach the quality of life we're capable of. When we ask questions, not only are we seeking answers & solutions (instead of ...Read More

339: How To Be Stronger Than Your Excuses


I recently sent an email to my Fat Loss Fast Track clients asking them all a direct question: Are you a dropout? I wanted them to think hard about their level of effort and engagement while giving a lifeline to those who need some extra support & encouragement. I want to open the lines of communication with every single one of the FLFTers so we can make the rest of ...Read More

Year of Push 3.8 Don’t Preach, Practice


There's not a single person reading this post who couldn't preach or teach about fat loss nutrition strategies, workout tips or the importance of mindset. We all have tons of information in our heads about how to reach our goals and create our best lives. However, most people are better at preaching (talking about it) than practicing (doing it). One of the most powerful questions I ask myself is, "what does ...Read More

Year of Push 3.7 Use Your Butt


How you do things matters. It's a huge mistake to focus primarily on what you do at the expense of improving and paying attention to how you do it. How you do things determines whether it's easy, hard and/or sustainable. Let me use working out as an example. Doing a deadlift without bracing your core will fatigue you quickly, put unnecessary strain on your back and increase your risk of injury. ...Read More

338: The Big Lie About Binges


There are a series of well-worn lies we tell ourselves about binges. There are a series of stories we tell ourselves that aren't true. They might be familiar, but they certainly aren't true. Today I want to help you move beyond overeating and binging by shining light on these well-worn lies and stories. Listen Now Download Episode Resources: Summer Fat Loss Fast Track Wait List How To Leave A Rating & ...Read More

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