How To Stop Giving Up


This past weekend, I shared a really personal bit of audio from ASCEND Nashville last year about why I didn't give up on my body even when I stopped getting results. I talk candidly about the trials of the last couple years - illness, moving, heartbreak, divorce & beyond - and what kept me committed to self-care when life was really, really hard & my body wasn't responding. I can't tell ...Read More

One Question That Guides My Choices


I'm going through a really cool activity with my Primal Potential Masters Club right now. Every month we read a book together and most months we have a challenge or activity that helps us create our best, happiest, healthiest life. I won't bore you with the details of our challenge this month, but I will share my draft of something I created for it. If you'd rather listen to this ...Read More

378: Is High Protein Metabolically High Carb?


Is a high protein diet the metabolic equivalent of a high carb diet? In a lot of ways, yes. Our bodies do not have a storage form of protein. Excess protein - more than the body needs to maintain lean mass and repair tissue - is often used in a process called gluconeogenesis, or the creation of new glucose (sugar) from protein. Most people are eating far more protein than ...Read More

Don’t Be Such A Loser

What a weekend I had. It was wonderful. It was joyful. It was so different from the way things have been. This blog title, "Don't be such a loser" is really written to me, though I think you might find a reminder in it for you, too. This weekend was full of family celebration. Two days of essentially non-stop parties. If you'd rather listen to this blog than read it, ...Read More

377: Destructive Impact of Overthinking


Progress stems from what you do. Change requires action yet most of us spend most of our time in thought. In today's episode we're talking about the destructive impact of overthinking. You do not need to learn from your theoretic strategy - you will learn from your actual strategy. When you aren't sure what to do, simplify your thought process, pick the choice that is most likely to help you ...Read More

Joy Is Created, Not Consumed


I needed a little fresh air this afternoon so I took a quick break to carry my trash out. Yup, that's what a break looked like today. Anyways, while I was walking, a thought popped into my head: Joy is something I create, not something I consume. If you'd rather rather listen to this blog than read it, please click here to listen on my Anchor channel. I've shared with ...Read More

Stop Ignoring This Serious Problem


I can totally appreciate thinking about & classifying food based on whether it helps you achieve your physique goals or not. However, that's a limited perspective that can come back to bite you. When you only think of food through the filter of weight loss/weight gain or indulging/not indulging, you're really missing some critically important considerations for your health, energy and vitality. If you'd rather listen to this blog than ...Read More

376: Is Silent Inflammation Slowing Fat Loss


There is a way to reduce hunger, minimize cravings, burn more fat, have more energy and dramatically improve your health that very few people are talking about: reducing internal inflammation. We are missing the boat when we think of inflammation only as pain & swelling. It's so much more than that. Inflammation that we can't see or feel in the traditional way is often responsible for cravings, hunger, brain fog, ...Read More

Defensiveness & A Deficit Mindset


Last year I went out to dinner with my mom & my sister. As we waited for our meal I asked if they would indulge me in a little experiment. I wanted one of them to share a problem or a challenge they were having but they had to share it in the form of a question. If you'd rather listen to this blog than read it, please click here ...Read More

Lies That Hold You Hostage


Yesterday I posted a quote on Instagram that probably makes people nod & agree, but that's not enough. That's really, really not enough. This quote should change you. It should move you to action. It should prompt you to sit down and ask yourself, "what are the lies that are holding me hostage?" (If you'd rather listen to this blog post than read it, please click here to listen on ...Read More

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