312: Fat Loss Breakthrough

Guys, I had a fat loss breakthrough. I’ve shared that 2017 is my a push year for my fat loss goals and I was totally dialed in with food & fitness. Unfortunately, I was overlooking a few critical factors that could make or break my success.

I believe strongly that understanding & optimizing blood sugar and insulin is critical for lasting fat loss. I have been so focused on eating and working out in a way that does so. However, I hadn’t considered how non-food factors might be impacting my blood sugar.

In today’s episode, I’m sharing my fat loss breakthrough and what I’ll be doing to understand how stress, sleep, workouts and food sensitivities are impacting my blood sugar and insulin responses.

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  1. Richina Lewis
    Richina Lewis says:

    Hi Elizabeth!

    I’ve been trying the get the 100 fat loss recipes but it’snot working, I’ve entered my name and email a number of time and still no success. What should I do next? Also, I’ve been playing catch up with your podcast and I’m loving the advice but I’m trying to find a more concrete shopping list of sorts to get started. Can you help with that?

    Thanks in advance!


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