407: Raising Healthy Kids & Inspiring Others

Today was such a fun episode! It is part 1 of a 2 part listener Q&A episode and we kick off with a powerful question about how I’ll raise my (future) children to be healthy & health-conscious without making food a huge issue in the family.

We talk about how to inspire others, how to support others on their own health journeys, what advice I’d give to a menopausal women with 20 pounds to lose, fat loss breakfast options for vegans & much more!

Plus, I answer some personal questions about the tiny home I’m building & some other fun stuff!

In part 2 (episode 408) we’ll kick off with a bunch of questions about workout strategy, getting started with exercise & my own fitness journey. We’ll also dive into questions about mindset, procrastination and how to know if your physique goals are realistic for you body.

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If you’re curious about the cauliflower n’oatmeal recipe I talked about, I found it in The Ketogenic Bible.

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  1. Laila
    Laila says:

    Is it okay to add a question here? You mentioned in a recent podcast that you are getting gelatine from Thrive market (how jealous am I that you have something like that in the States? :)) and how good it is for you. I’ve also been experimenting with gummies recently, but somehow I just assumed gelatine wasn’t healthy. Could you maybe go into what it is good for and what I have to look out for when buying it? Is organic enough?


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