E-Course: Carb Strategies for Effortless, Sustainable Fat Loss


This course details the most effective strategies for enjoying carbohydrates while burning fat.

You don’t have to be no carb or low carb – you just need to understand and implement carbohydrate strategies that support your fat burning hormones.

This course will not only teach you everything you need to know about the best & worst carbs for fat loss, the best & worst times to enjoy carbs, how to find your perfect portion and how to kill cravings but it will also provide proven strategies for improving your carbohydrate tolerance.

The last section of the course provides recipes & meal ideas so you know exactly how to get started with delicious, fat loss friendly meals! Plus, there are lessons that provide guidance on fruit, wheat, beans, alcohol, artificial sweeteners and more.

If you want results, this is a great place to start.


331: Carbs And Fat Loss

There is way too much confusion about carbohydrates. Too many people lump them all in the same category and act as if grams of carbs or calories are the only relevant factor. That’s not the case. Others act as if all carbs are “bad” – also not the case. Some suggest that carbs are essential […]


199: 3 Stages of Carbohydrate Intolerance

In today’s episode I’m sharing the CliffNotes & takeaway of a white paper written by Dr. Philip Maffetone about the three stages of carbohydrate intolerance. To download the free whitepaper for yourself, click here. Carbohydrate intolerance not only encourages weight gain, it impairs fat loss, damages the metabolism and triggers the development of illness and […]


195: The Golden Rules of Carbs and Fat Loss

Forget what you have heard!  You can eat carbohydrates and still successfully meet your fat loss goals and maintain the results. There are hundreds of opinions related to carbs & fat loss and it’s tough to know which one is most effective. We’re going to clear that up and ensure that you don’t have to subscribe to […]


170: 3 Ways to Improve Your Carbohydrate Tolerance

Months ago I shared a quiz to help people identify whether or not they are “carbohydrate sensitive”. The vast majority of people are. Fortunately, you can absolutely, positively improve your carbohydrate tolerance. You are probably carb sensitive if you’re one of those people who feels like you gain weight at the mere sight of carbs. […]


133: Common Mistakes with Carbs and Cravings

Let’s talk about 5 common mistakes with carbs and cravings. I think we’d all agree that motivation & willpower can only go so far. If we’re battling cravings, fat loss is a lot harder than it needs to be. I have ZERO doubt that cravings can be eliminated. And if you’re striving for fat loss […]


Recipe: Fat Loss Friendly Low Carb Bread

Low carb keto bread! Dude. I’m happy. This is good. Let’s get something out of the way right off the bat: if you love bread then enjoy amazing, bakery fresh bread every once in a while. There’s nothing wrong with that. Of course. This recipe is not meant to imply that you can never enjoy […]


Why Carbs At Night for Fat Loss

There are so dang many myths about fat loss it’s horrifying. The vast majority of these myths are about carbohydrates and calories. Many of us are so desperate for the “answers” to our fat loss problems that we’ll try anything any everything to take the weight off. Unfortunately, that means we waste a whole lot […]


It’s NOT Low Carb. It’s NOT High Protein. It’s Not “Complicated”

If facebook required we establish a relationship status for food, most of us would probably opt for “it’s complicated”. But ohmygoodness are we ever over-complicating it by trying to define it via existing “dieting” paradigms. Gahhhhhh! #makesmecrazy This is a soap box post. I own that. It’s not my typical style but I gotta put […]


Episode 045: 10 Carb & Fat Loss Facts

In this episode we’re clearing up some questions about carbs and fat loss and how you can make the best choices to support your fat loss goals. Listen Now! Download Episode The facts we’re explaining in today’s episode: 1. Carbohydrates are not the enemy. They are not good. They are not bad. They are carbohydrates. […]