A Primal Potential
Weekend Workshop

November 3-4
Cambridge, MA

“Stop fighting against yourself.
Start reaching your ULTIMATE potential.”

You want to improve your body & your health. You yearn for more—more willpower, more control.

But you keep getting in your own way. The desire isn’t enough. Your actions often aren’t aligned with what you want to achieve.

You’ve surrendered to disappointment instead of rising above it.

You still haven’t taken the reigns, still aren’t in charge of your life. Every week, every day, every moment you don’t take control, you feel more frustrated, more hopeless and more doubtful.

It’s time to end that internal struggle that’s defined your life.

It’s time to translate your DESIRES into ACTION.

It’s time for a breakthrough.

Join me in Cambridge. Come see just how great you are—how great you can be—when you unlock that ultimate potential.

Welcome to ASCEND.

“It’s not a skill set. It’s a MINDSET.”

Anyone can find self-help on the internet or from a book on a shelf. Tips and tricks and every magic bullet are already at your fingertips. You’ve probably tried some of them, if not all. And if you’re here, they haven’t worked.

Why? You’re trying to follow someone else’s rules instead of relying on the most important and honest resource you have.


That’s not about a skillset you don’t have…it’s about a MINDSET you don’t have. And that’s the breakthrough we will create at ASCEND.


We will get personal. We will deconstruct the lies and excuses you have subconsciously (and often consciously) been telling yourself. We will get to the truth, evaluate what’s in your way and discover what’s holding you back.

After that, it’s time to move forward. At ASCEND, you’ll not only learn what to do next, but you’ll prove to yourself that you can do it.

That’s when you’ll realize the hard things become effortless, when that internal struggle was nothing more than a mirage that clouded your mind and weighed you down.

This weekend is about you.

It will transform you.

“When you get to that BREAKTHROUGH,
everything becomes so much easier.”
Please join me!
Every ticket includes:
  • Thursday night casual meet up
  • Two (2) full days of transformational workshops
  • Fat loss friendly lunches on workshop days (Friday & Saturday)
  • Tools to help create your own 30-day post-ASCEND action plan
  • Primal Potential swag (you know you want it!)
  • One-on-one coaching call with Elizabeth
  • Two (2) small group coaching sessions
Taking action. Making changes. Getting results.
Join me at ASCEND, and rediscover the real YOU.