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I’m Fasting!

Last spring I did a 5-day fast with my good friend ELA from On Air with Ella. I did it out of curiosity as I had never done an extended fast. It was definitely hard but I learned a lot & built up a ton of confidence in myself. I shared my experience episode 310 […]

403: When Hunger & Satiety Signals Break

Today we are talking about how we mess up our body’s natural ability to regulate hunger & satiety, or feelings of fullness. Our body is actually designed to keep us from gaining too much weight through a series of hormonal signals. However, we have the ability to impair those hormonal signals by overeating or eating […]

When I’m Burnt Out

I got a great question from one of my Fat Loss Fast Track clients yesterday and I wanted to share both the question & answer with you guys today. Here’s what her email said: “As I’m journaling, I’m realizing that I tend to make less-than-ideal choices when I’m feeling burnt out. I have a very […]

If You’re Tired Of Going Slow, Go Fast

I don’t usually talk about the day’s podcast episode in the daily blog, but today I am because I absolutely love today’s episode! If you haven’t listened to episode 402, stop what you’re doing and download it now. It’s inspired by a quote from Ramit Sethi: If you get tired of walking up a hill, […]

402: Game Changing Reframe On Creating Momentum

“If you get tired of walking up a hill, run. Momentum makes it easier.” ~ Ramit Sethi While I know this & adamantly agree with it, reading it in a success tips email from Ramit Sethi was like hearing it & being moved by it for the first time. Today’s episode is all about changing […]

Why You Are Unhappy

Today I posted this quote on Instagram. “Unhappiness is not knowing what you want & then killing yourself to get it.” ~ Don Herold If you’d rather listen to this blog than read it, click here to listen. I got this wrong for a long time. Especially with weight. For most of my life, all […]

401: Tough Love On Self Talk

Your negative self-talk & committment to your past problems is old news. It is draining you, whether you realize it or not, and it’s keeping you from the progress & success you are capable of. It’s time to retire all your negativity & complaining and replace those limiting, prescriptive thoughts with inquiries that lead to […]

Energy Is Created

“I just don’t have the energy…” “I’m too tired to….” These are statements I hear every day & they reflect an unfortunate misunderstanding about energy. If you’d rather listen to this blog than read it, please click here.  Energy is something we create, not something we wait for. Unfortunately, while we talk about how little […]

Don’t Draw Conclusions From Illusions

The other morning I got a text message from a client. She shared that she gets super annoyed with herself when she has to journal a choice she isn’t proud of. She added “I think that’s how you feel, too.“ What she meant is, she thinks I get annoyed by her choices. She’s said similar […]

400: Before You Buy – Dietary Supplements

Should you be taking a supplement? Do you need one? How do you know what you need? How do you know what quality supplements are? In today’s episode we’re tackling a series of questions to help you decide if you need a supplement, which one you need and if it’s improving your health (or you’re […]