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337: 6 Changes We All Need To Make

I rarely make blanket recommendations. When I talk about nutrition, I’m quick to say that strategies depend on your goals. When I talk about nutritional improvements, I’m quick to consider someone’s baseline. I’m not going to recommend the Golden Rules of Carbs & Fat Loss to someone who is currently eating fast food & candy […]

Year of Push 3.5 Win The Weekend

The weekend is here! I know that for many, the weekends are met with mixed emotions. “Yay” for less structure but “oh crap” that lack of structure can leave you feeling not-so-great about your choices. I think many people fly by the seat of their pants on the weekends. They “hope” they make great choices […]

Year of Push 3.4 Milkshakes & 10 Point Turns

Remember back in drivers ed when you were taught the 3-point turn? You needed this skill so you could make a complete direction change in as few moves as possible. I have to ask, who picked the number 3? Is that just an average? Sometimes you can make a u-turn, sometimes it’s a 10-point turn […]

336: How To Redefine Yourself

I would bet you have someone you admire. Maybe you admire their discipline, work ethic or attitude. I have people like that, too. And if you’re like me, you might wish you were more “like them”. Maybe you wish you thought like they think, act like they act, or have the magical qualities of discipline and […]

Year of Push 3.3 Pain for Progress

What a beautiful day! After weeks & weeks of rain, it’s a warm, sunny week in the Boston area! After my workout today, I went for a massage. While many see massages as pampering, mine are not. My massage therapist is doing body work – she’s finding problems & helping me fix them. Fixing problems […]

Year of Push 3.2 Light Feet, Easy Day

Ahhhh, another running workout. These spring days will turn my weakness into a strength, damnit! I am a strategy girl. My favorite moments at the gym are when I learn a new technique or strategy that will make me better. Why? Because it makes things easier. When you become more efficient in the way you […]

335: Battling Against Yourself?

Are you battling against yourself? Do you feel like there’s this ongoing tug-of-war between your good intentions & your choices? I did a short fast last week and came out with a really clear understanding that I am NOT ever trying to win a fight against myself. The notion that there’s an internal battle is […]

Year of Push 3.1 In A Funk

Today wasn’t a normal day. I was in a funk. First, I was really tired. Second, I was just kinda unmotivated and unfocused. While I’d love to wake up motivated, focused & energized each day, I know it’s not realistic. Here’s what I know: my choices aren’t tied to how I feel when I wake […]

334: Anti-Aging Nutrition Strategies

The market for anti-aging products is exploding. By 2021, it’s expected to be a $216 billion dollar industry of lotions, potions, pills, products & procedures. Companies are looking to capitalize on our deep desire to delay the outward signs of aging. I have good news: the single most effective (not to mention affordable) anti-aging strategy is […]