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197: Overeating and Your Metabolism

Cheat day.  Overeating.  Binge eating.  Call it what you want. The bottom line is – overeating has an immediate, negative effect on your metabolism! In today’s episode, we are talking about the physical, hormonal, and metabolic impact of overeating or binge eating. I want you to know and understand that your body does not “reset” […]

195: The Golden Rules of Carbs and Fat Loss

Forget what you have heard!  You can eat carbohydrates and still successfully meet your fat loss goals and maintain the results. There are hundreds of opinions related to carbs & fat loss and it’s tough to know which one is most effective. We’re going to clear that up and ensure that you don’t have to subscribe to […]

194: The Structure of Success

In the past couple of episodes, you heard some of my Fat Loss Fast Track clients share their Primal Potential success stories. They are all powerful stories of people actively improving their choices and moving towards their goals.  If you missed them you can listen to Episode 192 here and Episode 193 here. As one woman reflected back on […]

193: Primal Potential Success Stories – Part 2

Ready to hear more Primal Potential success stories?  What started for most as a goal to lose fat turned into much more: transforming their entire lives. As you may be experiencing, they had fears, doubts, perceived limitations, years of weight loss struggles, hormonal issues and many of them doubted their ability to lose weight and […]

192: Primal Potential Success Stories Part 1

Today’s episode is full of inspiration and real life transformations! You are going to hear some of my Fat Loss Fast Track clients share their stories of progress, obstacles and success. If you are a regular podcast listener, you know I share a lot about my story but, I know not all of you can relate to my story. […]

191: How To Get Unstuck

I got an email the other day that I want to share with you guys.  I think this email could have been written by any one of us and it represents one of the most significant issues keeping us from reaching our goals:  the on-again-off-again cycle. The beautiful woman who emailed me wants to change. […]