347: 5 Lessons for Success Beyond Fat Loss


I had a busy weekend, full of lessons, many of which came from my first time on a bike in God knows how many years. Saturday, I ate lots of treats (for me) and several alcoholic beverages. Sunday, I ate really clean & biked around Martha's Vineyard. On both days, I was reminded of powerful lessons that help me break through my mental barriers, make progress towards my goals and ...Read More

Year of Push 3.20 My Personal Challenge


I'm done complaining. As of last night, I'm not complaining anymore. Don't get me wrong, I think of myself as a very positive person but it's so easy for me to complain about my workload, personal stressors, family dynamics, aches & pains, etc. But here's what I was thinking... It sucks to listen to people complain. It's boring. It's pointless. I've been one of the people complaining and one of ...Read More

346: Stop Creating Chaos


You might not see it this way, but chances are, you're creating chaos in your life. Often, we turn to food & alcohol in response to stress, emotion, tension or anxiety. Food allows us to escape, avoid & numb whatever is bothering us. Then, we turn our attention to an attempt to NOT eat or drink in response to these feelings. However, that's like trying to lower a fever with ...Read More

Year of Push 3.19 The Biggest Lie

This has been a hard week. My schedule has been crazy. I am undoubtedly stressed, tired and a bit oversensitive as a result. I woke up this morning determined to take things one at a time, breathe slowly and be patient with myself & my day. I nearly burst into tears when I read the powerful comments of one of my one-on-one clients. They didn't make me sad - they ...Read More

Year of Push 3.18 It Feels Amazing


I've probably said this before but it's really on my mind today: it feels amazing to feel amazing. It feels so much better to make great choices I feel proud of than to make crappy choices I don't feel proud of. The effort is worth it. It feels so much better to take great care of my body than to neglect it. It feels better physically, it feels better emotionally, ...Read More

345: Stress Incontinence Solutions


The other day I overheard a conversation between two women at the gym. One woman was complaining to the other about her stress incontinence, or, as she described it, leaking urine during her workout. The other woman shared that she has the same problem and they attributed it to having kids and talked about how there was no solution other than surgery. That's not true. In today's episode, I'm talking ...Read More

Year of Push 3.17 Supple Leopard


If you listen much to the Primal Potential Podcast, you know that I'm always asking people to evaluate if what they are doing works for them. It's a huge mistake to blindly follow a way of eating that doesn't give you the results you're looking for. Like I said yesterday, it really doesn't matter if it works for someone else. It doesn't matter at all. All that matter is if ...Read More

344: 6 Critical Strategies To Crush Your Goals


A couple weeks ago I went up to Albany, NY to watch one of the CrossFit regional competitions. All of the athletes were highly skilled and wanted to win. However, being highly skilled and wanting to win wasn't enough. As I watched the competition, I paid close attention to factors that made athletes struggle & falter as well as common factors that set athletes up for success. In today's podcast, ...Read More

Year of Push 3.15 Inconsistency from Instability


Today, while driving home from the gym, I had an "ah-ha!" moment. I freakin' love those. I was thinking about something completely unrelated - a video on pec tears of all things - and realized that the problems leading to this particular injury are why so many people struggle to reach their goals. Seriously - one of the factors responsible for rampant pectoral tears is closely related to why so ...Read More

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