269: Are You Using Tools Or Weapons?


At first glance, this question, "tools or weapons?" doesn't make much sense. But, after a conversation with Faith, we recognized that she has the ability to use her choices & her thought as either tools or weapons. She can beat herself up for a choice, effectively using it as a weapon against herself. Or, she can learn from that choice and create a more informed strategy for next time, using ...Read More

How To Turn Inspiration Into Motivation


I love to read and my latest book is Tim Ferriss’ new book Tools of Titans. It just came out this week and he's been sharing quotes from the book on social media including this one from Brene Brown. “The big question I ask is when I had the opportunity, did I choose courage over comfort?” I know most of us love quotes but how often do we turn the ...Read More

268: Awareness – A Simple Strategy & How It Changes Choices


Awareness. It's an obvious, common-sense kind of word but I'm not sure we totally understand it. When people talk about how tracking or journaling makes them more aware, that's great, but does it actually improve the choices you make? Or do you just have a greater acceptance of the choices? These are the questions I ask Diane, one of my Fat Loss Fast Track clients, in today's episode. She shares ...Read More

267: When You Know It But Don’t Do It (Then What?)


Do you listen to the podcast or read blogs & articles but struggle to translate the ideas and strategies into actions of your own? Are you losing & gaining the same 5-20 lbs over and over? Do you know what to eat and how to exercise but fail to consistently implement? That was Marcelle's story and she is sharing her success strategies as well as candidly discussing where she still ...Read More

How I Made Myself Really Proud (And You Can, Too)


(If you'd rather listen to this blog post than read it, click here for the audio) I am learning how to do things on my own. By myself. For myself. It's usually not easy. For months now, I haven't had an office space. I work on the couch. I haven't liked it but I haven't changed it. I complained about it but didn't do anything about it. (I've taken that approach in ...Read More

Why You Stop Trying (The Progress Cycle)


Do you ever feel like you sabotage yourself? You do the work, get some results and then....you stop. The excuses, exceptions & justifications start to creep in and before you know it, those results you worked so hard for are no where to be seen. It creates a ton of frustration. "What's wrong with me? It feels so awesome when I'm making progress, why do I stop trying? I keep ...Read More

266: Drama Free – Ending Food Guilt & Creating Freedom


What if you didn't attach emotion to food? What if your days weren't "good" if you made good food choices and "bad" if you made bad food choices? What if you never felt guilty about a food choice or skipped workout? What would that mean? Would it mean that you stop trying? I really doubt it. I think it means that you've found freedom. And, when you find freedom, food ...Read More

{Recipe} Rich, Creamy, Filling Fat Loss Friendly Soup


The other night I made myself some soup and as I sat there eating it I thought, "this tastes almost exactly like a rich, creamy potato soup!" But, there was no potato in it. I don't know about you, but I LOVE a good rich, creamy soup in the cold weather. Unfortunately, most of the fat loss friendly soups are far from creamy and filling! I hate having a bowl ...Read More

Primal Potential Mugs Now Available!

Are you ready for this!? Primal Potential mugs are now available! Just in time for the holidays! Or every day! More coffee!! More motivation! Okay, I'm a little bit excited. Or a lot. But mugs! Coffee! Motivation! If you're looking for holiday gifts under the $20 mark, this is a great option! Here's the scoop: They are dishwasher & microwave safe Each mug is 15 oz (anything smaller just doesn't ...Read More

There’s No Reason For You To Be In This Hell


You imprison yourself. There's no reason for you to continue to be unhappy. You are making the choices. You are thinking the thoughts. Look, this doesn't mean you have to solve all your problems today. It doesn't mean you have to transform. You don't. But today, you can take one small step towards what you want. Today, you can choose to see what is right instead of what is wrong. ...Read More

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