Year of Push 2.15 I Believe I Can Fly (Literally)

Oh boy. I feel (almost) like a new woman today! I shared yesterday that while under the weather, I went two full days without drinking ANY coffee. That has NEVER happened since I started drinking coffee 10+ years ago. Never. Ever. Today I woke up feeling better (despite not sleeping well last night) and went to Starbucks. I bought two venti Americanos and drove home to drink them while I ...Read More

Year of Push 2.14 3 Types of People


Guys, can you believe it's April 20th? We are nearly halfway through 2017. Are you taking advantage of each day? Are you willing to set a micro goal for the last 10 days of the month? Is there an excuse you can stop making for 10 days or a small action you can create some consistency with? Let's make the rest of our month the best of our month! It's ...Read More

Year of Push 2.13 What Can I Do?


Well, yesterday's blood donation certainly took a lot of out of me (blood, vomit and energy!) I always say that I never get sick but after struggling with a cold for weeks and then yesterday's crazy blood donation's been a rough couple of weeks! I'm taking it easy today. That's hard for me to do. I want to be hitting the gym hard and eating what I planned to. ...Read More

Year of Push 2.11 Stop Being Dramatic

It's Marathon Monday here in the New England! Today is the Boston Marathon and since I live on the race route, the roads are closed for the majority of the day. I ran a marathon once. True story. I think it was 2006 and I trained with my boyfriend to run the Philadelphia Marathon. On the drive from North Carolina to Philadelphia, he apparently got the flu and wasn't able ...Read More

Year of Push 2.10 The Only Problem Food Solves Is Hunger


I am determined to be happy today. It's a choice I am making. Happy by choice looks like this for me today: Getting an iced coffee before my pedicure Listening to great music while I drive (instead of a book or podcast) Taking myself out to lunch Wearing an outfit that makes me feel cute & feminine Being patient & grateful while dealing with a banking issue - it's not ...Read More

Year of Push 2.9 Heavy Legs


Happy Thursday, loves! My day started off with some work on Saturday's podcast which got me thinking about back to my most powerful question: What opportunities can I create today to take impeccable care of myself? These things certainly won't happen by accident. I won't drift towards impeccable choices and consistent self-care. This week has been totally crazy and I've been driving all over creation every day. Today, I don't ...Read More

Year of Push 2.8 You Have To Participate


Ah, what a great start to the day! It's 9:14am as I write this part of the blog and I've caught up on emails, connected with my Fat Loss Fast Track groups and 1:1 clients, showered and been to the gym. I had to get in an early workout today because I need to be in Boston this afternoon when I'm normally working out. Today was a barbell workout and ...Read More

Year of Push 2.7 Suns Out Runs Out


Ah, another beautiful day in New England! After months of cold weather and a week of rain, I couldn't be happier to be sitting outside with a tall glass of cold brew coffee, writing to you guys. Yes, I have to work. Yes, I have a really busy week. Yes, I have time to get outside. We make time for what matters. I carried my coffee & laptop outside and ...Read More

Year of Push 2.6 I’m No Cheater

I absolutely love Mondays! Plus: the sun is out! I don't know about you, but it's super important for me to get some time in the sunlight. Talk about a natural anti-depressant! Literally! Vitamin D is a hormone and exposure to sunlight triggers your body to synthesize more of it! Vitamin D deficiency leads to a whole host of problems, only one of which is depression. This isn't just a ...Read More

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