Why I Let Myself Go and How I Got Myself Back


I let myself go. In a big, big way (pun intended). When I look at this picture on the left it breaks my heart. The girl in this picture was desperate. She was severely depressed. There was no joy in her life and she had to force herself to get through every day. It’s a weird dichotomy – the way I relate to this girl. I can look at her ...Read More

Why ‘Just for Today’ Beats ‘I’ll Start Tomorrow’


It’s a slippery slope, that gear up mindset of “I’ll start tomorrow”. Our intentions are good – harnessing our energy to give it all we’ve got and fully commit with a clean slate. However, that mindset gives us permission to go hog wild until tomorrow – indulging to our heart’s content so that we’ve satisfied our urges before deprivation and restriction begin. If only we understood that the “I’ll start ...Read More

Want to Lose Weight? Ditch the Meal Plan!


Have you ever used a GPS system to get some place? You diligently follow the prompts – the automated voice directing your every turn. Get off course? No problem. You keep going down the wrong road until you’re rescued by “recalculating!” and then obediently turn and merge only as you’re told. You arrive at your destination and have little idea how you got there or how to get back. Meal ...Read More

100 fat loss meal ideas

What is Primal? And What CAN You Eat?


The typical American diet has changed. Drastically. In fact, in wellness circles it’s referred to as “SAD” – the Standard American Diet. Quite fitting, really, when you consider the way we have replaced nutritious, whole foods with processed, chemical-laden convenience foods. If you compared the “Standard American Diet” 150 years ago to that of today it would be like comparing apples to orangutans. Think back on what you ate over ...Read More

My 130 lb Weight Loss Story


My weight has always been a battle. I come from a long line of tall, thin women and I’ve always been an athlete but I have always struggled with my weight. I have lost  (and gained) hundreds pounds while frantically attempting just about every diet craze out there. I remember being on Weight Watchers in high school and eating all 30 of my points in fat-free microwave popcorn and sugar-free ...Read More

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