Reduce Hunger and Carb Cravings


What if I gave you the following assignment: you are to sit by this old-school wood stove and keep the fire roaring for 24 hours non stop. The only materials you can use to fuel the fire are gasoline, newspaper and tiny twigs. You’d better have a BOATLOAD of gas, newspaper and twigs and don’t count on being able to get anything else done! You’ll be right by that wood ...Read More

the trap of better

Not Understanding THIS Kept Me From Losing Weight


A few weeks ago I wrote an overview of Metabolic Effect’s concept of buffers and triggers. It’s a powerful tool that genuinely redefined the way I look at food choices for fat loss. To read my overview of buffers and triggers click here. To check out my buffers and how I use them, click here. Today we’re going to take a deep dive into triggers. Triggers sabotaged my weight loss ...Read More

Combat Cravings and Win!


Cravings are powerful sensations, aren’t they? I had one the other day for s’mores. I wasn’t hungry at all, in fact, I had just finished dinner a few minutes earlier. I was watching TV and there were s’mores on some (evil) commercial and while I’m sure I had seen the commercial before without the cravings trigger, as soon as I saw them they were all I could think about. I ...Read More

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