Episode 074: CrossFit and Weight Loss

In today’s episode we’re talking about all things CrossFit and weight loss with my own personal trainer and owner of CrossFit Altius, Nathan Keil. Nathan and I chat about how he programs workouts for fat loss and the keys to efficient, safe and effective workouts. We’ll get into the specifics of workout timing, movements and myths and he’ll even share 25 minutes reviewing what he ate yesterday (kidding, kidding….kinda). Nathan is a true expert in his field and is currently training for the 2016 CrossFit Games. Though he has super human strength and far above average fitness, he’s a great teacher, motivator and coach. He shares his insight on who might benefit from a personal trainer and how do you even know if your trainer is any good.

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crossfit and weight loss

What is CrossFit?

  • a fitness ideology that emphasizes a variety of functional movements
  • high intensity (intensity is relative to the individual!)
  • designed to mimic your day-to-day movements (i.e. sitting down, carrying groceries, etc) by focusing on exercises such as squats, deadlifts & push press

Nathan’s recommendations for weight loss

  • rowing (intervals)
  • kettlebell swings
  • thrusters
  • burpees
  • push-ups
  • body weight squats

Nathan’s Advice

  • Find what’s most effective & do it with the highest intensity that YOU are capable of
  • Don’t be afraid to jump in & start exactly where you are right now
  • Be consistent

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14 replies
  1. Adam
    Adam says:


    Love the podcast!

    I’ve listened to most all of the episodes and wanted to thank you for your perspective and the value that you bring to my life. I think you do an excellent job talking about complex topics and making it interesting.

    I wanted to comment on this episode in particular. I agree with all the fitness advice that was given in terms of what is best physically for efficient fat loss. I want to add my .02 about steady state cardio. I know it’s not the most efficient for weight loss and I don’t use it for that. I enjoy a nice couple mile run from time to time. For me it’s more of a mind set refresh, almost a moving meditation. I think that benefits the rest of my life in a way that can’t be physically measured and it keeps me sane.

    So that’s my benefit for steady state cardio.

    Anyway, thanks for the podcast! Keep up the good work


    • Elizabeth Benton
      Elizabeth Benton says:

      Totally agree with you on doing what you enjoy. I know I’ve mentioned on several past episodes that if zumba is what someone loves – zumba your butt off. There’s a definite difference between the most effective thing and the thing you’ll do bc you love it. Nutrition is the same way. Is cheddar cheese the most ideal fat loss food? Prob not. If you love it and it helps you stay on track, should you eat it? Absolutely.

      Thanks so much for weighing in. Movement is always better than sitting on your butt. I think there’s a lot to do to debunk the cardio myth so people don’t think it’s the most effective, but at the end of the day: do what makes you feel your very best!

      Love the comment. Thanks so much!

  2. Renee
    Renee says:

    Just wanted to thank you for this episode. I’ve been at my goal weight for a year now. My focus now is trying to lower my body fat %. I have a small gym set up in my home and I’m pretty disciplined about working out regularly. This episode made me realize that the reason I’m not getting the results I want is because I don’t push myself enough. So, I’ve signed up for a introduction class at my local cross fit gym. If I decide it’s for me and join, I’ll let them know that you deserve most of the credit 😉

    • Elizabeth Benton
      Elizabeth Benton says:

      That’s so awesome, Renee! It is SUPER hard to push out of your comfort zone but that’s definitely where the results are. Keep in mind: pushing your body doesn’t have to be via crossfit. If it’s not for you, you can do intervals at home. You can get out of your comfort zone at any gym, outside in your driveway, in your back yard, at the beach or anywhere! You’ve got this! Never hesitate to reach out if you have questions or suggestions. That’s totally why I’m here!

  3. Renata
    Renata says:

    Hi Elizabeth, I’ve gone through most of your podcasts. I would just like to mimic the mail before. I don’t enjoy hit training, like really, I think it sucks. It would be hard for me to do that 5 days a week. I go to the gym for like an hour and a half 5 days a week, but I enjoy group classes, aerobics step stuff. I love the stuff and I sweat like crazy.


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