The Hard Moments


Let me just say: my weight loss journey is not easy street. I mean, like, NOW. Its not easy street now. It never has been. Forgive me if I’ve ever given the impression that this is easy and effortless. Its just not. I feel frustrated sometimes. I get tempted to skip my workouts. I sometimes wish I could eat a big bowl of ice cream and not get bloated and ...Read More

5 Steps To Building Healthier Habits


Chances are, in order to reach your fat loss goals you’re going to have to create some new habits. If only it was as easy as bottling up your good intentions and writing down some goals. It wasn't so easy for me. My terrible habits were so deeply engrained in me they felt automatic. Choosing comfort foods on a bad day almost didn't feel like a choice, it had become instinct. ...Read More

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