How I Create My Own Motivation


One of the most common questions I am asked is, “How did you get motivated? What changed?” People who knew me before I lost weight know how hard I had tried. They know that I was never satisfied with my weight and always looking for a quick fix but tended to fall back to old patterns pretty quickly. People often tell me that they envy my motivation – they just ...Read More

My Personal Success Manifesto for Maintaining Weight Loss Motivation


I recently wrote my own personal success manifesto. I have learned the hard way that motivation comes easily when it comes easily but maintaining weight loss motivation takes a lot of time and effort. I have learned so many lessons over the last year and I don’t want to lose them. I need to establish them as fibers of my being. I need to own them, claim them, know them ...Read More

The Hero Of My Own Story


I went to see the movie The Judge with my husband. He sees just about every movie that comes out in the theatres but I’m not much of a moviegoer. I had seen the previews for this one and I really wanted to see it. I did not disappoint. Incredible movie. We both totally loved it (he expected it to suck). It was the kind of movie that keeps you ...Read More

remember the name

What’s The Weight Loss Equation?


This past Saturday morning I drove to the gym and didn’t really feel like going in. I wasn’t in the mood to get sweaty and I kinda wanted to phone it in and get back home. I just didn't feel "on". But, I was there. I knew my body needed it and I decided to just get it over with. I am so glad I did. It ended up being ...Read More

The ONE Factor That Kept Me Fat


When I look at pictures from when I weighed over 300 pounds I inevitably wonder how I let it happen. At some point along the upward journey why didn’t I stop and say, “Woah now, enough is enough”? Why did I just keep buying larger sizes without recognizing that things were out of control? I had no accountability. I’m not talking about a counselor or trainer; I’m talking about the fact that ...Read More

5 Ways to Maintain Motivation


My weight loss journey has been a LONG one. I can’t remember ever not being on a diet. Granted, this time has been different – I don’t feel like I’m on a diet – I feel like I’ve adopted a new, healthy lifestyle that is naturally driving me towards my weight loss goals. However, even though it’s a lifestyle and there is no end point where I’ll go back to ...Read More

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