Episode 018: The Key to Permanent Weight Loss – A How-To Guide

Ready for permanent weight loss? Have you tried a million times but never succeeded? In this episode we talk about how most of us go about behavior change in the wrong way and why it leads to failure. Then we dive into a step by step process for how you can changes that will lead to effective fat loss but will also be EASY to maintain for the rest of your life!

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The problem:
 So many people tell me: I don’t know where to start! Or, there’s so much information, how do I know what’s right? Or, I do ok at breakfast but I always blow it after dinner. There’s a common problem with all of these questions, concerns & challenges. YOU ARE TRYING TO DO TOO MUCH.

The Solution: Go back to the 80/20 rule (episode linked below) and identify what few activities produce the greatest results for you. An easy way to do this, which we talk about in detail in this episode, is to complete a SWOT analysis. Look at what has the potential to really hold you back and then target activities that can help you to avoid or overcome these challenges.

Practical Implemention:

  • Complete a SWOT analysis
    Identify your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats as they relate to your ability to improve your nutrition choices & change your lifestyle to reach your fat loss goals.
  • Identify what weaknesses and threats could hold you back the  most
  • Identify ONE small change you can make to help you overcome that most significant threat or weakness
  • Practice it until it becomes effortless. When you fail, keep trying. When you mess up, don’t quit.
  • Once it is effortless and habitual, go back to your SWOT analysis. What are you current weaknesses & threats? How can you minimize their ability to throw you off course? Identify another ONE thing.
  • Practice, practice, practice, practice.

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4 replies
  1. Allyson
    Allyson says:

    E X C E L L E N T podcast today. Going to listen to it again and probably again after that. Hoping it will help me identify some of these issues I can’t figure out and why I keep stalling. This morning I was just …. PISSED when I got on the scale and I cannot figure out why I’m not satisfied with what are more normal portions for other people. ( I know, stop comparing myself to other people ) and I feel like this podcast may begin to start unraveling this and let me FINALLY see some progress in losing fat!

    • Elizabeth Benton
      Elizabeth Benton says:

      Thank you so much, Allyson! The internal work is so much more critical and impactful than the external work, yet it is the work we focus on the least! NEver hesitate to reach out and let me know how I can help! (If you have a second to leave a rating & review of the podcast if you haven’t already, that would be a huge help!)

  2. Leslie
    Leslie says:

    What if the reason you overeat/indulge is because its a form of entertainment for you? Something to do. This is my struggle. So indulging actually does solve my problem of looking for something to do. (Whether its an hour to kill before other time commitments, or mindless munching on snacks at anytime during the day.) How do I go about moving past that struggle when I don’t have an “aha” moment of “that doesn’t make sense for what I’m going through” like the example of you eating when you are lonely or depressed. I’m essentially bored, So I indulge in fast food or snacks, then an hour later the problem is gone because it gave me something to do or was a form of entertainment in going out to dinner….

    • Elizabeth Benton
      Elizabeth Benton says:

      Hi Leslie! Great question. There are absolutely many reasons why people indulge and often it IS about boredom. The key is: is it working for you & do you want to continue? Yes, in the moment, it eases boredom and gives you something to do. BUT – is that working for your life? Is it a strategy you want to continue. One of the big things I work with on clients is identifying behaviors that don’t work (don’t give the result or outcome you want) and refusing to engage in patterns that don’t work. So, look beyond the moment. Because in the moment, food can be a distraction or comfort or any other number of good, appealing things. But look BEYOND the moment. How do you feel a couple hours later? How will you feel if you continue the pattern of behavior? It’s about switching your perspective from what you want NOW to what you want MOST.


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