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Episode 14: Hormones & Fat Loss Part 4 – Estrogen, PCOS & More


This episode is all about estrogen. Estrogen dominance accelerates weight gain and makes weight loss an uphill battle. We unknowingly feed our estrogen dominance with our diet and lifestyle choices. In this episode we talk about how estrogen becomes a weight loss nightmare for both men and women and we establish concrete steps for reducing your overall estrogen levels, eliminating estrogen dominance, and improving your overall health and weight loss ...Read More

Q&A 6: How To Make Breakfast a Fat Loss Meal – Healthy Breakfast Recipes


We've talked a lot on the podcast about what NOT to have for breakfast when your goal is fat loss and hormone balance. By now, you know that to stay in fat burning mode and take advantage of the morning's peak fat-burning potential, you'll want to avoid carbohydrates in the morning. But people begin to panic when they consider what they shouldn't be having for breakfast. They can't imagine what ...Read More

Episode 013: Hormones & Fat Loss Part 3: Optimizing Your Thyroid


The thyroid hormones tend to take a lot of the blame when it comes to an ability to burn fat or chronic low energy levels. The thyroid hormones are incredibly sensitive to our diet, lifestyle and environment and then can totally derail our fat loss efforts if they are out of balance. In today's episode we talk about the factors required for optimal thyroid function and how we can implement ...Read More

Q&A 5: What is Bulletproof Coffee & Why Do You Drink It?


There's a lot of talk these days about bulletproof coffee. I'm one of the people doing a lot of that talking! I'm a huge fan of bulletproof coffee and over the past several months it has been a major staple in my diet. Yup, bulletproof coffee is my breakfast just about every morning. Now, there is absolutely nothing magical about bulletproof coffee. I drink it because it increases my energy, ...Read More

Episode 12: Hormones & Fat Loss – How To Balance Your Hormones Naturally


Your hormones control your ability to burn fat. They can put you in fat storing mode or fat burning mode. But most people don't know whether or not their hormones are balanced! It's easier than you think! Our hormones are CONSTANTLY signaling us and letting us know when there is a problem, we just don't know how to interpret the signals! In today's episode we talk about how you can ...Read More

Q&A 4: How To Tame Your Sweet Tooth


How do you tame your sweet tooth? In this episode we're talking about both long term and immediate strategies for taming your sweet tooth WITHOUT restriction & deprivation so you can reach your fat loss goals and enjoy your food along the way.  Listen now!! Download Episode Question: "I have great intentions but sometimes my sweet tooth gets the best of me. How can I tame this crazy sweet tooth?!” Answer: ...Read More

Episode 011: Hormones and Fat Loss – Eating to Optimize Hormones Part 1


Hormones have EVERYTHING to do with fat loss regardless of your age or gender! Most people seeking weight loss don't know how or why to balance their hormones. In this episode we talk about how hormones and fat loss are linked, what you can do to balance your hormones through diet and exercise, and how your current eating habits might be causing hormonal chaos in your body. LISTEN NOW! Download ...Read More

Q&A 3: I Don’t Like Exercise or Veggies


In our 3rd QA episode we're answering a question from a reader who doesn't like exercise or vegetables and needs to balance weight loss with her many other priorities including kids, husband & work. We talk about how to navigate weight loss when you don't like vegetables or exercise and establish what matters MOST when it comes to getting results. Listen now! Download Episode I asked everyone on my VIP ...Read More

Q&A 2: What’s Your Carb Tolerance?


We talk a lot about how for maximum fat loss results you'll want to limit your carbohydrates to your evening meal or post workout. That generates a lot of great questions from people who wonder how they lost weight while eating oatmeal for breakfast or how very lean people can get away with chowing down on bread and pasta all the time. These are fantastic questions that all point back ...Read More

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