Episode 004: Getting Started with Weight Loss


On today's episode, "Getting Started with Weight Loss", we're talking about concrete steps to getting started, setting goals, staying accountable and maintaining focus & motivation! I think its great to talk about what you should eat and why, but the reality is that that’s not really where most people struggle. Most people struggle with the HOW. How do I make these healthier changes. How do I sustain them? How do I ...Read More

Episode 003: Do Less To Get More


On today's episode we're talking about how trying to do too much might be setting you up for fat loss failure! This episode brings great news to anyone who has ever tried to lose weight. I am going to prove that you're trying to do too much and that if you focus on doing less, you'll get much more from your fat loss efforts! Listen here! Download Episode Myth We're ...Read More

Episode 001 – Diets Don’t Work


This show tackles a major weight loss myth! So many of us think that the way to weight loss is eating less and moving more. The truth, however, is that diets don't work. In today's episode we're talking about what drastic caloric restriction does to our hormones, HOW it makes us more hungry and how it makes weight loss more difficult in both the long run and the short run. ...Read More

Episode 000 – What is Primal Potential & Elizabeth’s Story


In case you missed my big announcement, you've probably figured it out by now, but the Primal Potential podcast is now live!!! I am beyond excited - this is something I've been working on for a while and I truly believe it will be an incredibly powerful tool to help people finally achieve their weight loss goals. Check out the very first episode of the Primal Potential Podcast!!! Here's a ...Read More

Episode 002 – Hormones Trump Calories – Why, How and What To Do About It


In this episode we're talking about why calories are NOT the ultimate determinant of your weight loss. Sure, calories matter. You can't consume more fuel than your body needs and expect to burn fat. It won't happen. But a calorie deficit is not enough. It is your HORMONES that determine what your body does with the fuel you consume - regardless of if you're consuming more or less than your ...Read More

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