Year of Push 3.29 Dress The Part


As I was laying awake at 1:30 this morning, I had convinced myself not to workout today. It's Fat Loss Fast Track launch week and I'm tired. Wednesday night I didn't sleep at all due to a fire alarm malfunction & subsequent odd dramas. Thursday, after my last live webinar, I went into Boston with a friend and we walked 9 miles around the city (in flip flops - when ...Read More

Year of Push 3.28 Don’t Turn Away


Take progress pictures. Take them every single week on the same day, no matter what. I get it, you don't want to. You only want to take the pictures when you know you'll progress. You don't want to take the pictures when you might not see progress. Too bad. Do it anyway. The whole POINT of taking progress pictures is to face the moments when you aren't making progress. Turning ...Read More

Year of Push 3.27 Conquering Crazy Days

Some days are crazy. There used to be an inverse relationship between the craziness of my days and the quality of my food choices. The more crazy the day, the lower the quality of my choices. This is something we can work to conquer. If your choices are only on point when life feels manageable and predictable, you're in big trouble. Here's what I know to be true for myself: ...Read More

Year of Push 3.26 My Calling


We are coming up on Primal Potential's 3rd anniversary. It blows my mind. In hindsight, there must have been some legit divine inspiration involved in me leaving my secure corporate job to start something completely from scratch. I like security. I loved my predictable, comfortable income. To be frank, I liked the financial comfort zone. Though I'm super surprised that I took that gamble, I know for sure that I ...Read More

Year of Push 3.25 Do Less To Do Better


I used to feel overwhelmed pretty much every day. My to-do list always exceeded my work capacity. There was always more to do than time to do, or at least that's what I told myself. I hear from my clients all the time that they are stressed, overwhelmed, have too much on their plate and they drop the ball on self-care because it's just too much. If feeling overwhelmed by ...Read More

Year of Push 3.24 I Love To Run


If you've been following these posts, you know that I'm not a great runner (yet). I love to lift weights but running has been a struggle for me since I was a kid. My mom insisted that I run on the Cross Country team in grades 5-8 and I came in last in every.single.race except one. The only reason I didn't come in last in that one is because I got ...Read More

Year of Push 3.23 On Insecurity

Yesterday I worked from the pool. In a bathing suit. Without clothes on over it. Can we pause for a moment of mental victory? This has nothing to do with the way my body has changed and everything to do with the way my mind has changed. This has everything to do with my deliberate choice to step outside the confines of my comfort zone because I know that's where ...Read More

348: Your Lies Become Your Truth


Be careful. Your lies will become your truth. The messages we send to ourselves via our thoughts & words become our reality. They are powerful. Your thoughts & words are not only descriptive but also prescriptive. They are instructions to your subconscious & they inform your behavior. If you're saying that you're out of control and have no motivation, that will become your truth, whether you want it to or ...Read More

Year of Push 3.22 It’s A Mixed Bag


Last week I shared with my Fat Loss Fast Track & Masters Club clients that I had a particularly tough day. Tough days are inevitable, but there's so much value in improving how we respond to them. Here's the post I shared with my clients about that tough day. One of my clients wrote to me a couple days later that she was relieved to hear that I have bad ...Read More

Year of Push 3.21 Easy Choices, Hard Life


After my workout today I watched a TedTalk given by Tim Ferriss  and he concluded his short presentation with a quote that I absolutely adore. In fact, after I saw the quote I sat down with my journal and wrote down some ideas about how I could apply it today. When we repeatedly make easy choices, we have a hard life. We create a hard life. I've lived this one. ...Read More

347: 5 Lessons for Success Beyond Fat Loss


I had a busy weekend, full of lessons, many of which came from my first time on a bike in God knows how many years. Saturday, I ate lots of treats (for me) and several alcoholic beverages. Sunday, I ate really clean & biked around Martha's Vineyard. On both days, I was reminded of powerful lessons that help me break through my mental barriers, make progress towards my goals and ...Read More

Year of Push 3.20 My Personal Challenge


I'm done complaining. As of last night, I'm not complaining anymore. Don't get me wrong, I think of myself as a very positive person but it's so easy for me to complain about my workload, personal stressors, family dynamics, aches & pains, etc. But here's what I was thinking... It sucks to listen to people complain. It's boring. It's pointless. I've been one of the people complaining and one of ...Read More

346: Stop Creating Chaos


You might not see it this way, but chances are, you're creating chaos in your life. Often, we turn to food & alcohol in response to stress, emotion, tension or anxiety. Food allows us to escape, avoid & numb whatever is bothering us. Then, we turn our attention to an attempt to NOT eat or drink in response to these feelings. However, that's like trying to lower a fever with ...Read More

Year of Push 3.19 The Biggest Lie

This has been a hard week. My schedule has been crazy. I am undoubtedly stressed, tired and a bit oversensitive as a result. I woke up this morning determined to take things one at a time, breathe slowly and be patient with myself & my day. I nearly burst into tears when I read the powerful comments of one of my one-on-one clients. They didn't make me sad - they ...Read More

Year of Push 3.18 It Feels Amazing


I've probably said this before but it's really on my mind today: it feels amazing to feel amazing. It feels so much better to make great choices I feel proud of than to make crappy choices I don't feel proud of. The effort is worth it. It feels so much better to take great care of my body than to neglect it. It feels better physically, it feels better emotionally, ...Read More


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