Episode 052: The Random Show – Soy, Peanuts, Bananas and More!

Questions we’re tackling in today’s episode:

  • What do you think of soy products? Do you eat them? Why or why not?
  • Why do you always mention almond butter and not peanut butter? Do you avoid peanut butter? Why?
  • Is it OK to drink seltzer water?
  • Will a banana for breakfast take me out of fat burning mode?
  • I tend to get overwhelmed by how much weight I need to lose and how long it will take. This prevents me from taking action. Did you ever feel this way? How did you respond?

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7 replies
  1. Blanca
    Blanca says:

    Hi Elizabeth, I enjoyed the format of this episode, it was concise with a lot of useful information. The comparison you did between peanut and almond butter was interesting, I’d like to know more about the toxins and effects that legumes and grains have in our hormones and our health… thanks!

  2. Kalee Eversole
    Kalee Eversole says:

    I loved this type of show! It actually cleared up a small battle I’ve been having about the ‘no carbs at breakfast’ rock for optimal fat loss. I had been going back and forth between wondering, ‘will I totally screw all my results if I have any carbs, EVER in the morning? Similar to the banana at breakfast question. Anyway, I have been making these healthy cookie dough balls for my breakfast (made with almond flour, peanut flour (funny you mention the peanut thing!), coconut oil, stevia, etc.) I have been making these ahead of time and freezing them for breakfast, but they still do have a small carb content to them. However, I made sure they had a great balance of fat and protein when building the recipe, and they have been something I look SO forward because they are DARN delicious and keep me full all morning and I have been consistently losing since making them a breakfast staple! So you are correct, everything is relative! I will keep on enjoying these bad boys in the morning with my black coffee until my body tells me to change gears. For now it WORKS! WOOT!

  3. Janet
    Janet says:

    I would like to hear more about the toxins in peanut butter and other nuts. Fruit with organic peanut butter has been my go to snack lately so I’m very interested.


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