Sustainable, Anti-Diet Fat Loss

There are 2 things that are SUPER important as we get started towards your sustainable fat loss lifestyle:

    1. Learning how to pay attention to what works best for YOUR body
    2. Implementing the most effective strategies (and not wasting time with ineffective ones!)


I was a chronic dieter. I believed that the only way to fat loss was restriction, deprivation and misery. And every time I endured the misery, I’d lose some weight and inevitably pile it back on. I never imagined that I could do the work, maintain my results and never battle hunger & cravings. I lost 140 lbs without being perfect, without being miserable and without ever “dieting”. Here’s my story!

But don’t just look at my own success! Check out these cool Primal Potential Success stories! I’ll be adding more soon!

exercise for weight loss


The first and most important thing you can do is start paying attention to your body. Those sensations you feel all day every day like hunger, cravings, low energy & mood swings? Those are messages from your hormones! Start tracking what you eat, how much & when as well as your hormonal biofeedback. This will be a treasure trove of information for you as you navigate the fat loss process! Here’s a super detailed post I wrote on how to track and how to learn from your tracking document.


Have you checked out the free Fat Loss Basics mini series on the Primal Potential podcast? You’ve got to! It’s a great starting point for understanding the most essential, high-impact elements required for fat loss. The show notes pages give you additional resources, but download the full episodes and listen to them one at a time!

Part 1: Calories & hormones

Part 2: Carbohydrates

Part 3: Protein

Part 4: Fat

Part 5: Exercise & Fitness


We don’t recommend diving in head first. That’s a diet. Always evaluate whether or not the strategies you’re implementing are short term or long term. Short term strategies deliver short term results. If you can’t do it forever, don’t waste your time or energy doing it for a day. Identify one, sustainable practice and begin implementing it every day. Keep practice both when it’s easy and when it’s not and don’t add more until your first strategy feels effortless.

Free Tools For You!

I want to give you the tools you need to crush your goals. I want to help you stop struggling & get results without wasting your time, money or energy. To that end, I’ve got some free tools for you to download!

100 fat loss friendly recipes

Fat Loss Best Practices

Worksheet to help you get back on track (definitely listen to this episode as you go through the worksheet)

Fat Loss Morning Routine (listen along with this episode)

Carb Strategies for Fat Loss