273: Paleo Meal Delivery Services – EB’s Review


I had been really resistant to try any kind of paleo meal delivery service for a couple of reasons: they seemed really expensive and difficult to customize. I felt like it wasn't worth the price to buy a package of meals most of which included components I wouldn't personally eat (potato, sweet potato, fruit, etc). I changed my mind when I found Paleo Power Meals. Today I'm sharing my 2-3 ...Read More

260: Anti-Diet Holiday Success Strategies


Is it weird for me to say that I love this episode? Because I REALLY love this episode. I used to DREAD holidays, vacations, dinners out, birthdays and pretty much any celebration because I had no idea how to enjoy myself and enjoy the food without going way far overboard. That was exhausting and a lot harder than it needed to be. In today's episode I'm sharing anti-diet holiday success ...Read More

fat loss travel tips

Fat Loss Travel Tips (My Recent Road Trip)


I've shared with you guys before that traveling used to be a huge struggle for me. Whether it was a day trip, a work trip, a weekend away or a full blown vacation, I'd throw caution to the wind & eat everything that wasn't nailed down. Any lack of structure or change in routine was an excuse to overeat and overindulge. I hated it. I dreaded travel. I'd inevitably come ...Read More

140: Is Fake Flavor Making You Fat? Part 1 of 2


Is fake flavor making you fat? What is fake flavor? Why does it seem like year after year we crave food more yet experience less satisfaction from it? What has changed? A lot has changed. Our food has changed. Whole foods are different and processed foods are different. This combination makes fat loss tough and fat gain pretty easy. Today is part 1 of 2 episodes talking about what has ...Read More

Episode 095: Travel Strategies for Weight Loss – Hotels, Airports & Eating on the Road


Travel can throw people off. It can easily become a free-for-all that takes you far away from your goals. But here's the thing: if you want to make good choices while you're traveling, it's totally possible when you master a few travel strategies for weight loss. I want to help you enjoy food, enjoy your trip and come home feeling great about yourself and your body. In today's episode we're ...Read More

Episode 091: Eating Out for Weight Loss


Sometimes eating out can be a curve ball when you're trying to lose weight, right? Today we're going to make that easier! Eating out for weight loss is totally possible. You can make fat loss friendly choices just about anywhere. In today's episode we'll go through different restaurant genres and talk about good/better/best choices. Of course it goes without saying that making fat loss friendly choices at home is super ...Read More

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Fast Casual Restaurants & Fat Loss Friendly Choices


It is not hard to make fat loss work at fast casual restaurants. Sure, it might not come naturally and it might represent out-of-the-box thinking for you at first, but there's absolutely a way to enjoy your meal and have it be fat loss friendly at your fave fast casual restaurants. What I thought I'd do in this post is share fat loss friendly choices I've recently made at 10 ...Read More

Q&A 32: Healthy Choices at Restaurants, Junk Food in the House & More


On today's podcast we're tackling a bunch of different listener questions, including a few on how to make healthy choices at restaurants so you can enjoy social situations and still make progress towards your goals. Plus, we'll talk about alcohol, plateaus, family members bringing tempting food into the house, smoothies in the morning and much more! And hey! Do you have a question? I wanna take a stab at it! ...Read More

Episode 086: Eat Foods You Love & Have A Bangin’ Body with Allison Hagendorf


This girl. Guys. Seriously. Allison Hagendorf is an absolutely incredible example of loving food, enjoying food and having a great body at the same time. In today's episode we get super practical (and pretty funny) about HOW to move away from the all-or-nothing approach and how to learn to enjoy your favorite things while losing fat and getting a body you absolutely love. We talk about food obsession, navigating social ...Read More