Q&A 23: 7 Ways to Break Weight Loss Plateaus


In today's episode we're talking about 7 ways to break weight loss plateaus. Nothing is more frustrating than feeling like your hard work isn't reflected by your body or the scale. Fortunately, these 7 strategies make a huge difference. With the experience of the many plateaus I hit during my weight loss and watching my coaching clients ebb and flow, there are a few simple strategies that can take you ...Read More

exercise for weight loss

Exercise For Weight Loss – How My Plan Has Changed


Ugh, what is the best exercise for weight loss? Talk about a loaded question with a million answers. When people are thinking about weight loss or wanting to reshape their bodies, exercise gets a WHOLE lot of attention. Seriously. There have got to be HUNDREDS of news headlines every freaking day claiming that this, that or the other exercise is the holy grail of weight loss. Let’s just get real ...Read More

Avoiding Weight Loss Plateaus


There is very little more frustrating than hitting a weight loss plateau. The food choices and exercise that had been getting you great results for months all of a sudden aren't getting you anywhere. Your weight isn’t moving, your inches aren’t changing, your clothes fit the same but you’re working as hard as ever! What the heck?! Weight loss plateaus are very common and you should expect them, but that ...Read More