Year of Push 2.28 Two Pigs & A Cow


You  know what represents progress? The fact that this blog title, "Two Pigs & A Cow" isn't an attempt at self-depricating humor! Yeah! Personal growth for the win! Haha. Nope, two pigs & a cow is a recipe I want to share with you. I'm not a cook, I'm not a recipe development expert & I don't play one on the internet, but yesterday I decided to cook a legit ...Read More

Year of Push 1.17 Shamrock Shakes & Deadlifts


Hey guys, if you're new to these posts, listen to this podcast episode to get the scoop on what changes I'm making in my life and you can start back at my first daily post here. Yesterday, in the email I sent out, I shared with you guys that one of the big lessons I took away from my 5-day fast was the need to sleep more. This morning I ...Read More

{Recipe} Rich, Creamy, Filling Fat Loss Friendly Soup


The other night I made myself some soup and as I sat there eating it I thought, "this tastes almost exactly like a rich, creamy potato soup!" But, there was no potato in it. I don't know about you, but I LOVE a good rich, creamy soup in the cold weather. Unfortunately, most of the fat loss friendly soups are far from creamy and filling! I hate having a bowl ...Read More

262: Benefits of Bone Broth & Fat Loss Friendly Bone Broth Recipes


What's the deal with bone broth? Is it the latest in a long line of nutrition fads? Are there real benefits of bone broth? How is it different from stock? Is there any difference between buying it online and making it myself? What will bone broth do for me? I'm answering all those questions and more on today's episode of the Primal Potential podcast! Don't miss it! Listen Now Download Episode ...Read More

A Primal Potential Thanksgiving


Holidays don't have to mean overindulging and feeling stuffed-to-discomfort. They also don't have to mean missing out on delicious food! I want you to enjoy every single bite but still feel really great after the meals are over! While there's nothing wrong with enjoying time-tested family recipes, there's also nothing wrong with finding healthier alternatives that make you feel better physically! I want you to create that sweet spot where ...Read More

213: Favorite Summer Meals For Fat Loss & Flavor


Today we're talking about food! I'm sharing some of my favorite summer meals that are quick, easy, delicious and totally fat loss friendly! In today's episode I talk about the relationship between deprivation and temptation. Basically, the more you deprive yourself, the less you create fat loss friendly meals you actually enjoy, the more likely you are to be tempted by EVERYTHING. The less you're enjoying your fat loss friendly ...Read More

ways to prepare cauliflower

7 Ways To Prepare Cauliflower


Within one of my Fat Loss Fast Track groups the other day we were talking about the deliciousness, versatility & ease of cauliflower. We were sharing our favorite ways to use it and I thought, I've got to put together a blog with my favorite cauliflower options! So, here we go! Seven of my favorite ways to prepare cauliflower! Not only is cauliflower tasty, versatile and easy, it's also incredibly fat ...Read More

153: Eat These For Faster Fat Loss


Today we're talking about some of the best vegetables for weight loss & how they make fat loss easier! We start off by exploring how you can determine which vegetables are the most (or least) fat loss friendly and then we take a closer look at cruciferous & allium vegetables and the ways they support fat loss. Allium vegetables & cruciferous vegetables support insulin, metabolism, detoxification & much more. They ...Read More

chocolate chia pudding

Chocolate Chia Pudding


Sometimes you just need something sweet & creamy, right? Maybe even a little chocolatey? I've got you! This chocolate chia pudding is not only easy, delicious & fat loss friendly, but it doesn't have added sugars like maple syrup and honey that are in most chia recipes. I'm a huge fan of chia seeds but I'll lead with this caveat - if you're picky about textures, always blend  your chia ...Read More