GUEST POST: Beginner Workouts!!


I'm super excited to bring you my 2nd ever guest post!! My first guest post was actually my mother (she shared her thoughts on raising an overweight child) and today we're taking a totally different approach. Today's guest is a great friend of mine - a woman who inspires me and who constantly teaches me. She's totally hysterical and 100% genuine - but she's also a true expert in fitness, ...Read More

exercise for weight loss

Exercise For Weight Loss – How My Plan Has Changed


Ugh, what is the best exercise for weight loss? Talk about a loaded question with a million answers. When people are thinking about weight loss or wanting to reshape their bodies, exercise gets a WHOLE lot of attention. Seriously. There have got to be HUNDREDS of news headlines every freaking day claiming that this, that or the other exercise is the holy grail of weight loss. Let’s just get real ...Read More

Workout Motivation: 3 Ways to Keep Going


We all need a little motivation for our workouts sometimes. Pushing through a workout isn’t always easy. I’ve had tons of days in the gym when I just haven’t felt totally connected to what I was doing. I didn’t feel like putting in my best effort, I didn’t feel strong or I didn’t feel motivated. If I gave in to those feelings every time, I’d rarely get in a good ...Read More

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