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A 30-day specific practice to overcome your excuses and take action consistently.

You’re working hard to bail out water, but the water isn’t actually the problem. The problem is the hole in your boat. 

This is the fundamental reason so many people feel like they’re always working but never really getting anywhere. They’re responding to what they think is the problem (the overeating, the procrastination, the endless appeal of excuses), but those are just results of the problem. And when you do that work, your work never ends.

You must become a better thinker. 

10x Mindset will help you overcome overwhelm, focus, remain in action and overcome excuses.

When does 10x Mindset start? The day YOU sign up!

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What is 10x Mindset?

I’ve often asked myself what I would do for my podcast listeners if I had a magic wand. Without a doubt, I know I’d immediately upgrade their mindset so they think in terms of possibility and problem solving. When you operate with a better mindset, you get dramatically better results and neutralize your excuses. But, the idea of upgrading your mindset can feel overwhelming and tough to implement. 10x mindset makes the process actionable and specific with a daily email every day for 30 days with a specific action item that will help you get results.

When does it start?

It starts as soon as you sign up! There’s no group start day – you begin when you sign up.

How does it work?

Once you sign up, your daily action item will be delivered to you each day for 30 days via email. All you need to do for success is open each daily email and take the specified step for that day. Your results are guaranteed.

Can I have an example?

When I say “daily action item”, some folks get nervous. How long will it take each day? What kinds of things are you going to be suggesting I do?

First, take a breath. I’m a mom of 3 kiddos under 3 so I really value optimal use of time. None of the daily action items should take more thank 15 minutes, which the exception of the first day which could take 30. 

A common structure is answering a specific question and then taking a specified action based on your answer. 

Here’s how I can best explain it…

It’s so easy to chase strategies and tactics. Everyone is selling them. 

10x Mindset cares about WHY you struggle to execute each time you invest in these new strategies and tactics.

What’s going on with how you THINK about your commitments that’s allowing you to put it off or make a constant stream of excuses?

I always use the analogy of bailing water because it’s such an accurate one.

You see the water. You feel the water. So, you naturally assume the water is the problem. You spent so much time researching the best ways to remove the water and you’ve bought every water-bailing program out there! But no matter how hard and long you work, there’s still water in your boat!

And, there will be. Until you fix the hole.

What’s the hole?

The way you’re thinking about your circumstances, goals and choices.

Let’s make a change. That’s what 10x Mindset is all about.

For more, listen to episode 1123 of the Primal Potential podcast.

Is there a Facebook group for 10x Mindset?


Is there live coaching inside 10x Mindset?

No, it was important to me to make this very accessible from a price standpoint. If you want regular, live coaching from me, join The Consistency Course.

Is there anywhere I can learn a little more about 10x Mindset?

Absolutely! Check out this blog post.  


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