142: 10 Tips To Beat Fake Flavor & Fall In Love with Whole Foods

by | Feb 20, 2016 | Blog

Fake flavors and frankenflavors are everywhere! The biggest challenge we face is that these fake flavors trigger us to overeat & experience strong, consistent cravings. Today I want to share 10 tips to beat fake flavor so you can burn more fat, feel less hunger & get rid of your cravings.

This is the tactical follow-up episode to the 2 part series I did on how our food has changed. In part one, I talked about the changes to whole foods and how/why they’re more bland than ever. In part 2 I talked about processed foods & how flavor is designed to make us overeat.

Today is all tactic. These 10 tips will help you beat fake flavor, retrain your palate, enjoy food mood, eat less, free yourself from cravings & conquer the world (too much?)

I’ve also invited you to take a free 14-day flavor challenge to help you implement these 10 tips. I hope you’ll join me!!!

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10 Tips to Beat Fake Flavor

beat fake flavor

  1. Pay attention to where your flavor comes from
  2. Set a goal to reduce fake flavor
  3. Cook at home more often
  4. Buy quality over quantity
  5. Dial down the use of sweeteners (even honey, agave & stevia)
  6. Try new things & taste bold flavors
  7. Slow down
  8. Eat for hormone balance
  9. Vote with your wallet
  10. Build mental toughness

For the details on how to execute these tips, definitely listen to the full episode!!

Break the Chains of Fake Flavor – Free 14 Day Challenge!


The Dorito Effect by Mark Schatzker

Join the free 14-day challenge!

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