171: Non Scale Victories You Should Measure

Apr 28, 2016

When trying to lose weight, most people focus on just that – weight. The number on the scale. Not only do I think tends to backfire for most people, it’s also an accurate representation of what we’re really after (fat loss) and it often prevents us from focusing on all the other wins – non scale victories we have every day and typically overlook.

In today’s episode I’ll certainly share my thoughts on effective and ineffective ways to measure fat loss and overall progress, but I want to focus on non scale victories.

We’ll talk about which, if any, you should begin to measure (and how) as well as the tremendous benefit they have in your journey.

Here’s my 10,000 ft view of non-scale victories: they are one of the most powerful ways to overcome all-or-nothing thinking.

You definitely want to listen to this episode if you struggle with the scale or with all-or-nothing thinking about weight loss.

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Non Scale Victories You Should Measure

When we fall into the trap of all-or-nothing thinking, we fixate on something that we aren’t proud of, a choice that was less than perfect, and, due to our imperfection, we count the day as wasted. Next thing we know, one average choice has triggered 10 awful choices.

At the root of all-or-nothing thinking is a focus on what wasn’t perfect or ideal. This is the absolute opposite of non scale victories.

When we practice monitoring & celebrating non scale victories, we’re focusing on what is going right. We’re looking for progress beyond the scale and we’re focusing on the improvements in mindset, moderation, health, energy, fitness and anything in between.

Naturally, we focus less on what wasn’t right and more on what was right.

Plus, we begin to prove to ourselves that progress doesn’t require perfect and we clearly see that all-or-nothing thinking is counter productive.

There are all kinds of non-scale victories. In today’s episode I’m talking about many different categories of non-scale victories and how you can measure them.

Health (blood sugar, hemoglobin A1C, cholesterol, triglycerides, migraines, etc)

Hormonal biofeedback (sleep, energy, cravings, hunger, mood, menstrual cycle regularity)

Fitness (strength, endurance, consistency, speed)

Mindset (attitude, negativity, perspective, motivation, consistency, grace, patience)

Choices (frequency of binges, bouncing back more quickly)

You don’t want to miss this full episode to hear about how, why & how often you should evaluate these non-scale victories and what the focus will do for your results & your motivation.


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