183: Success & Mental Toughness Mantras

May 26, 2016

On today’s episode I’m taking you inside my mind and sharing some of my own personal success & mental toughness mantras. I’m not even remotely a “woo woo” kind of girl, but I find that without these mantras & affirmations, I’m much more likely to get distracted, emotional or frustrated and then lose my momentum & motivation. No bueno. Been there, done that.

I want to set myself up for success, limit ebbs & flows of motivation and continuously be focused on my goals. These mental toughness mantras are a huge part of how I do that. So, I’m sharing a few of my most-high impact mantras and how they keep me focused, redirect my attention and help me crush my goals.

I’d love for you to share some of your mental toughness mantras with me!

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Success & Mental Toughness Mantras

Resist the temptation of your comfort zone

Little hinges swing big doors

Rule over yourself

Self-control & resistance to distractions

I can do hard things

Do it anyway

mental toughness mantras


Do It Anyway Podcast Episode


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