194: The Structure of Success

Jun 21, 2016

In the past couple of episodes, you heard some of my Fat Loss Fast Track clients share their Primal Potential success stories.

They are all powerful stories of people actively improving their choices and moving towards their goals.  If you missed them you can listen to Episode 192 here and Episode 193 here.

As one woman reflected back on her journey, she attributed her life transformation to the lessons she learned related to a few key elements:  Pace, Power, Practice, Perspective, and Progress. 

In today’s episode,  I want to talk about why it is important for you to understand and apply this structure of success (aka The 5 P’s) on your own journey.

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The Structure of Success


  • Make sure the pace reflects an approach that you can and will sustain over time.
  • Short term strategies deliver short term results.
  • The most sustainable way to implement change is one at a time.


  • Recognize and embrace your choices and you will feel your power.
  • While you can’t always control your circumstances, you always have 100% control over your choices.
  • Stay focused on what you can do & what is within your control instead of what is beyond your control. This keeps you firmly rooted in your place of power.


  • All things, no matter how challenging, are made easier with practice.
  • Practice is about executing one choice at a time.
  • Consistency generates confidence.


  • Take an inside-out approach focusing on your mindset and then progressing to meet your physical goals.
  • By focusing on small gains and sustained commitment you will find more success over time.


  • Progress is personal & you create your own standards – avoid attempting to measure your own personal progress by way of the standards of others
  • Don’t strive for perfection.
  • Take one small step at a time in the direction of your goals

Be sure to listen to the entire episode to learn more about ‘The 5 P’s” and how you can apply them to your own personal journey!


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