218: Minisode – Every Choice Is A Chance

Aug 16, 2016

We’ve got a special minisode today! If you can get past the audio quality (I recorded outside on my iPhone), this message will help you make the most of each day!

Every once in a while I record voice notes for my Fat Loss Fast Track clients (I recorded one for them while playing racquetball the other day) and I’m sharing one of them with you today! As I worked out, I thought about the power in the phrase “every choice is a chance”.

Is the day you’re having today moving you towards the life you want?

What can you do today to move in that direction?

Don’t write off the day if it didn’t start well – every single choice is a chance to move in the direction of your goals.

I know many of us struggle with frustration – being frustrated with ourselves when we don’t do the things we feel we should. Capitalizing on “every choice is a chance” can help you break through that frustration, that inertia, and more in the direction of your goals!

Every choice is a chance! Don’t miss this short minisode!

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