266: Drama Free – Ending Food Guilt & Creating Freedom

Dec 6, 2016

What if you didn’t attach emotion to food?

What if your days weren’t “good” if you made good food choices and “bad” if you made bad food choices?

What if you never felt guilty about a food choice or skipped workout?

What would that mean?

Would it mean that you stop trying?

I really doubt it.

I think it means that you’ve found freedom. And, when you find freedom, food choices get so much easier and life gets better.

You are in control. Food isn’t in control.

That’s exactly what happened for Amanda and she’s sharing her story today.

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Ending Food Guilt & Creating Freedom

Amanda had already lost 80 lbs but still wasn’t happy.

She had food guilt. Workout guilt. Ongoing shame & judgement that was completely exhausting.

However, she found freedom.

She removed all the emotional baggage she had attached to her food & fitness choices.

When she was able to do that, everything got easier: her food choices, her workout consistency, her role as a mom & a wife.

But she’s not totally in the clear. Now that she hasn’t hitched her happiness to the number on the tag in her jeans, she’s trying to define what she wants.

In today’s episode we talk about how Amanda found freedom, what it meant for her, and how she can figure out what she’s after now and how to get there.


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