268: Awareness – A Simple Strategy & How It Changes Choices

Dec 10, 2016

Awareness. It’s an obvious, common-sense kind of word but I’m not sure we totally understand it.

When people talk about how tracking or journaling makes them more aware, that’s great, but does it actually improve the choices you make?

Or do you just have a greater acceptance of the choices?

These are the questions I ask Diane, one of my Fat Loss Fast Track clients, in today’s episode.

She shares how tracking & affirmations are the tools that have helped her the most and I said asked her point blank: “did these actually improve your choices? Did it change anything for you?”

We get into a powerful conversation about awareness and the power that comes from being able to create a personalized strategy that reduces your reliance on willpower.

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Awareness – How to Develop The Simple Strategy That Improves Choices (Without Willpower)

Here are some of the highlights from today’s episode:

  • How awareness allows you to create a strategy that reduces the need for willpower
  • A gradual process for improving habits (without an all-or-nothing approach)
  • How to overcome the tension created by confronting temptation
  • Why I don’t think you should ever look at a food choice as “sabotage”


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