279: How To Avoid Weight Regain

Jan 5, 2017

One of my clients, Chris, joined the Fat Loss Fast Track because though she had already lost a lot of weight, she was beginning to put it back on.

This wasn’t a new cycle but it was one she didn’t want to continue. She didn’t want to keep doing what she’d always done – losing weight, gaining it back, working hard to lose it again.

Today we’re having a candid conversation about why she turned to the Fat Loss Fast Track to help avoid weight regain and how she broke out of that cycle.

Not only does Chris talk about what worked for her like journaling and switching to more fat loss friendly breakfast options, but we discuss what’s not going so well. We talk about overeating at night and struggling with the pursuit of perfection.

I think you’re really going to enjoy Chris’s story!

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How To Avoid Weight Regain

After beginning to put on weight she had lost, Chris joined the Fat Loss Fast Track. She shares that some of the most effective strategies she adopted include journaling and eating a fat loss breakfast.

I’ve shared my thoughts on journaling here and go over the details of what makes up a fat loss breakfast here and here.

We also talk a lot about implied apologies for imperfections and the all-or-nothing attitude which I’ve talked about here.


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