350: Identifying & Solving The REAL Problem

Jun 20, 2017

Too often, we scramble for solutions without taking the time to really define and understand the problem. That leads to lots of effort with little results. We either solving the wrong problem or implementing the wrong solution, or both. It’s a waste of time & a fast track to frustration.

Today’s episode features a candid conversation with one of my Masters Club clients. Prior to her time in the Fat Loss Fast Track, she was always on a diet. She felt like her only weight loss strategy was “eat less” and she was exhausted by it.

Though she developed a solid strategy that worked for her, she struggled to make consistent positive choices after having a baby and juggling life, marriage & motherhood.

Through the course of our convo we define the problem, toss around potential solutions and determine a course of action to help her learn more about what works for her and get back to feeling her very best.

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