372: Dating & Fat Loss

Aug 10, 2017

Dating & fat loss. We are going there today. Whether you are married, dating or single, this episode will tackle mindsets & strategies for staying true to your goals regardless of what people in your life eat or choose.

The reality is: no matter who you are with or what anyone around you chooses, you are always 100% in control of what you put in your mouth, how much & when.

Does this make it easy to make progress towards your goals when people are around you are indulging? Nope. But this is life.

I think it’s a huge asset to have people in your life who eat differently than you do. It’s an incredible opportunity to practice and become resilient.

I’m excited to talk about how I approach difficult situations, how I say no, when I indulge and how I strike balance between social eating situations and my goals.

If you have questions or strategies, please share them in the comments below!

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Dating & Fat Loss Strategies

  • Pay attention to the kinds of choices that make you feel your best
  • Optimize your habits outside of date night
  • Don’t apologize for or feel the need to explain your choices
  • Don’t be dramatic –  you’re not a victim of your choices
  • Stay away from self-deprication – it’s not sexy or funny
  • Make dating about fun & connection, not food
  • Know what’s worth it & what’s not



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